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The ships in this list are organized according to designation (cargo, destroyer, etc.).  Within each designation the listing is according to hull number, not alphabetical.








N  P



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(Thanks to Yves  for reformatting)

USS Appalachian  AGC-1
USS Blue Ridge  AGC-2
USS Rocky Mount  AGC-3
USS Ancon  AGC-4
USS Catoctin AGC-5   D
USS Mount McKinley AGC-7
USS Mount Olympus AGC-8
USS Wasatch AGC-9  D
USS Auburn AGC-10
USS Eldorado AGC-11
USS Estes AGC-12
USS Panamint AGC-13
USS Teton AGC-14
USS Adirondack AGC-15
USS Pocono AGC-16c
USS Taconic AGC-17c
USS Blue Ridge LCC-19 c
USS Mount Whitney LCC-20 c
USS Williamsburg AGC-369 D
USS Northampton CC-1 c
USS Wright CC-2 c
USS Valcour AGF-1 c
USS La Salle AGF-3 c
USS Coronado AGF-11 c only
USS Wright AV-1
USS Langley AV-3
USS Curtiss AV-4
USS Albemarle AV-5
USS Currituck AV-7
USS Tangier AV-8 4 14 42 D
USS Chandeleur  AV-10
USS Norton Sound AV-11 or AVM-1
USS Pine Island AV-12
USS Salisbury Sound AV-13
USS Kenneth Whiting AV-14
USS Thrush AVP-3 D
USS Teal AVP-5 D
USS Pelican AVP-6 D
USS Barnegat AVP-10 D
USS Biscayne AVP-11 D
USS Casco AVP-12 D
USS Humboldt AVP-21
USS Matagorda AVP-22 D
USS Absecon AVP-23
USS Chincoteague AVP-24 D
USS Rockaway AVP-29
USS San Pablo AVP-30
USS Unimak AVP-31
USS Corson AVP-37
USS Duxbury Bay AVP-38
USS Gardiners Bay AVP-39
USS Floyds Bay AVP-40
USS Greenwich Bay AVP-41c
USS Onslow AVP-48
USS Orca AVP-49
USS San Carlos AVP-51 D
USS Shelikof AVP-52
USS Suisun AVP-53
USS Timblier AVP-54
USS Valcour AVP-55 c
USS  Alioth  AVS-4
USS  Gwinnet  AVS-5
USS Jupiter AVS-8
USS Guardian YAGR-1
USS Lookout YAGR-2
USS Skywatcher YAGR-3
USS Searcher YAGR-4
USS Scanner YAGR-5
USS Locator YAGR-6
USS Picket YAGR-7
USS Investigator YAGR-9
USS Outpost YAGR-10
USS Protector YAGR-11
USS Vigil YAGR-12
USS Interdictor YAGR-13
USS Interpreter YAGR-14
USS Tracer YAGR-15
USS Watchman YAGR-16
USS Relief AH-1
USS Comfort AH-3
USS Mercy AH-4
USS Solace AH-5
USS Comfort AH-6
USS Hope AH-7
USS Mercy AH-8 D
USS Bountiful AH-9
USS Samaritan AH-10
USS Haven AH-12
USS Benevolence AH-13
USS Tranquility AH-14
USS Consolation AH-15
USS Repose AH-16
USS Sanctuary AH-17
USS Rescue AH-18
USNS Comfort T-AH 20 ( c only )
USS Tryon APH-1
USS Pickney APH-2 D
USS Rixey APH-3
USS Burton Island AGB-1
USS Edisto AGB-2
USS Atka AGB-3
USS Glacier AGB-4
USS Staten Island AGB-5
USS Portunus ARC-1
USS Neptune ARC-2
USS Aeolus ARC-3
USS Thor ARC-4 c
USS Oglala ARG-1
USS Luzon ARG-2
USS Mindanao ARG-3  D
USS Tutuila ARG-4
USS Oahu ARG-5
USS Cebu ARG-6
USS Culebra ARG-7  D
USS Maui ARG-8  D
USS Mona Island ARG-9  D
USS Palawan ARG-10  D
USS Samar ARG-11  D
USS Kermit Roosevelt ARG-16
USS Hooper Island ARG-17
USS Holland ARG-18 (exAS3)
USS Chourre ARV-1
USS Webster ARV-2 D
USS Aventinus ARV-3
USS Chloris ARV-4
USS Fabius ARV-5
USS Megara ARV-6
USS Aristacus ARB-1
USS Oceanus ARB-2
USS Phaon ARB-3
USS Zeus ARB-4  D
USS Midas ARB-5  D
USS Nestor ARB-6  D
USS Sarpedon  ARB-7  D
USS Telemon ARB-8
USS Ulysses ARB-9  D
USS Demeter ARB-10  D
USS Diomedes ARB-11 D
USS Helios ARB-12  D
USS Medusa AR-1 D
USS Prometheus AR-3
USS Vestal AR-4  D
USS Vulcan AR-5 c
USS Ajax AR-6
USS Hector AR-7
USS Jason AR-8 ( & ARH-1 )
USS Delta AR-9
USS Rigel AR-11
USS Briareus AR-12
USS Amphion AR-13c
USS Cadmus AR-14
USS Laertes AR-20
USS Dionysus AR-21
USS Klondike AR-22
USS Markab AR-23
USS Grand Canyon AR-28c
USS Achelous ARL-1 D
USS Amycus ARL-2 D
USS Adonis ARL-4 D
USS Atlas ARL-7
USS Endymion ARL-9 D
USS Coronis ARL-10 D
USS Creon ARL-11
USS Poseidon ARL-12 D
USS Menelaus ARL-13
USS Minos ARL-14
USS Numitor ARL-17
USS Pandemus ARL-18
USS Patroclus ARL-19
USS Proserpine ARL-21 D
USS Romulus ARL-22
USS Satyr ARL-23
USS Sphinx ARL-24
USS Stentor ARL-26 D
USS Thphon ARL-28
USS Amphtrite ARL-29 D
USS Askari ARL-30
USS Bellerophon ARL-31
USS Bellona ARL-32 D
USS Chimaera ARL-33
USS Gordius ARL-36
USS Indra ARL-37
USS Krishna ARL-38
USS Quirinus ARL-39 D
USS Okala ARS(T) 2 D
USS Palmyra ARS(T) 3
USS Benewah APB-35
USS Colleton APB-36
USS Mercer APB-39
USS Presque Isle APB-44
USS Dorchester APB-46
USS Vanderburgh APB-48
USS APL-29 w/tug YTB-181
USS Viking ARS-1
USS Crusader ARS-2 D
USS Discoverer ARS-3 D
USS Redwing ARS-4 D
USS Escape ARS-6
USS Grapple ARS-7
USS Preserver ARS-8 c
USS Warbler ARS-11 c
USS Anchor ARS-13 D
USS Protector ARS-14 D
USS Restorer ARS-17 D
USS Rescuer ARS-18 D
USS Chain ARS-20 D
USS Curb ARS-21 D
USS Current ARS-22
USS Deliver ARS-23
USS Grasp ARS-24
USS Safeguard ARS-25
USS Seize ARS-26
USS Clamp ARS-33
USS Gear ARS-34
USS Weight ARS-35 D
USS Swivel ARS-36 D
USS Bolster ARS-38
USS Conserver ARS-39
USS Hoist ARS-40 c
USS Opportune ARS-41c
USS Reclaimer ARS-42
USS Recovery ARS-43 c
USS Safeguard ARS-50 c D
USS Grasp ARS-51 c only
USS Grapple ARS-53 c only
USS Pinola ATO-33
USS Algorma ATO-34
USS Bobolink ATO-131 D
USS Brant ATO-132 D
USS Cormorant ATO-133 D
USS Oriole ATO-136 D
USS Owl ATO-137 D
USS Partridge ATO-138 D
USS Seagull ATO-141
USS Vireo ATO-144 D
USS Sotoyomo  ATA-121
USS Tonkawa ATA-176
USS Accokeek ATA-181
USS Koka ATA-185
USS Cahokia ATA-186
USS Salish ATA-187
USS Penobscot ATA-188
USS Samoset ATA-190
USS Tillamook ATA-192
USS Stallion ATA-193
USS Tatnuck ATA-195
USS Sunnadin ATA-197
USS Navigator ATA-203
USS Pinola ATA-206
USS Sagamore ATA-208
USS Umpqua ATA-209
USS Catawba ATA-210
USS Navajo ATA-211
USS Keywadin ATA-213
ATA 218 (ex Yaupon AN-72)
USS Apache ATF-67
USS Hopi ATF-71
USS Kiowa ATF-72
USS Ute ATF-76
USS Bannock ATF-81
USS Carib ATF-82 D
USS Chickasaw ATF-83
USS Cree ATF-84
USS Lipan ATF-85
USS Mataco ATF-86
USS Moreno ATF-87 D
USS Nauset AT-89 D
USS Pinto ATF-90 D
USS Seneca ATF-9l
USS Tawasa ATF-92
USS Yuma ATF-94
USS Abnaki ATF-96
USS Alsea ATF-97
USS Arikara ATF-98
USS Chowanoc ATF-100
USS Cocopa ATF-101 D
USS Hitchiti ATF-103
USS Jicarilla ATF-104 D
USS Moctobi ATF-105
USS Molala ATF-106
USS Munsee ATF-107
USS Pakana ATF-108
USS Quapaw ATF-110
USS Sarsi ATF-111
USS Serrano ATF-112
USS Talema ATF-113
USS Tawakoni ATF-114
USS Wenatchee ATF-118
USS Achomawi ATF-148 D
USS Atkapa ATF-149
USS Avoyel ATF-150 D
USS Cahuilla ATF-152
USS Luiseno ATF-156 c
USS Nipmuc ATF-157
USS Mosopelea ATF-158
USS Paiute ATF-159 c
USS Papago ATF-160 c
USS Salinan ATF-161
USS Shakori ATF-162 c
USS Utina ATF-163
USS Hart DM-8 D
USS Rizal DM-14 D
USS Montgomery DM 17 D
USS Preble DM-20 D
USS Robert H. Smith DM-23
USS Thomas E. Fraser DM-24
USS Shannon DM-25
USS Harry F. Bauer DM-26 D
USS Tolman DM-28
USS Henry A. Wiley DM-29
USS Shea DM-30
USS J. William Ditter DM-31 D
USS Lindsey DM-32 D
USS Gwin DM-33
USS Aaron Ward DM-34
USS Chimo ACM-1
USS Planter ACM-2
USS Barricade ACM-3
USS Buttress ACM-4
USS Barbican ACM-5
USS Bastion ACM 6
USS Obstructer ACM-7
USS Picket ACM-8
USS Monadnock ACM-10 (exCM9)
USS Ash AN-7
USS Butterenut AN-9
USS Elder AN-20
USS Mulberry AN-27
USS Nutmeg AN-33 D
USS Teaberry AN-34
USS Teak AN-35  D
USS Bitterbush AN-39  D
USS Lancewood AN-48  D
USS Catclaw AN-60  D
USS Chinaberry AN-61  D
USS Hop Tree AN-62  D
USS Whitewood AN-63  D
USS Cohoes AN-78
USS Etlah AN-79
USS Marietta AN-82
USS Nahant AN-83
USS Passaconaway AN-86  D
USS Tonawanda AN-89
USS Tunxis AN-90
USS Waxsaw AN-91
USS Jamestown AGP-3  D
USS Mobjack AGP-7
USS Wachapreague AGP-8
USS Willoughby AGP-9
USS Orestes AGP-10
USS Silenus AGP-11  D
USS Acontius AGP-12
USS Cyrene AGP-13
USS Alecto AGP-14  D
USS Callisto AGP-15
USS Antigone AGP-16  D
USS Brontes AGP-17  D
USS Chiron AGP-18  D
USS Gypsy ARSD-1
USS Mender ARSD-2
USS Salvager ARSD-3
USS Windlass ARSD-4
USS Camano AKL-1
USS Sharps AKL-10
USS Mark AKL-12
USS Kittery AK-2 D
USS Beaufort AK 6 D
USS Capella AK-13 D
USS Regulus AK-14 D
USS Sirius AK-15 D
USS Spica AK-16 D
USS Vega AK-17
USS Arcturus AK-18 D
USS Procyon AK-19 D
USS Bellatrix AK-20 D
USS Electra AK-21 D
USS Fomalhaut AK-22 D
USS Alchiba AK-23 D
USS Alcyone AK-24 D
USS Algorab AK-25 D
USS Alhena AK-26 D
USS Almaack AK-27 D
USS Betelgeuse AK-28 D
USS Delta AK-29
USS Hercules AK-41
USS Jupiter AK-43 D
USS Pleiades AK-46 D
USS Aquila AK-47 D
USS Saturn AK-49 D
USS Aries AK-51
USS Titania AK-55 D
USS Oberon AK-56 D
USS Crater AK-70
USS Adhara AK-71 D
USS Aludra AK-72 D
USS Arided AK-73
USS Carina AK-74 D
USS Cassiopeia AK-75 D
USS Celeno AK-76
USS Cetus AK-77 D
USS Deimos AK-78
USS Draco AK-79 D
USS Enceladus AK-80
USS Hydra AK-82 D
USS Albireo AK-90 D
USS Cor Caroli AK-91 D
USS Etamin AK-93 D
USS Mintaka AK-94
USS Murzim AK-95
USS Sterope AK-96
USS Serpens AK-97 D
USS Auriga AK-98 D
USS Bootes AK-99
USS Lynx AK-101 D
USS Sculptor AK-103 D
USS Ganymede AK-104
USS Naos AK-105
USS Caelum AK-106 D
USS Rotanin AK-108
USS Alioth AK-109 D
USS Alkes AK-110 D
USS Giansar AK-111 D
USS Grumium AK-112 D
USS Alkaid AK-114
USS Crux AK-115
USS Alderamin AK-116
USS Zaurak AK-117
USS Shaula AK-118 D
USS Matar AK-119
USS Sabik AK-121
USS Menkar AK-123
USS Lesuth AK-125
USS Megrez AK-126
USS Phobos AK-129
USS Arkab AK-130 D
USS Melucta AK-131 D
USS Propus AK-132 D
USS Seginus AK-133 D
USS Syrma AK-134 D
USS Venus AK-135
USS Ara AK-136 D
USS Ascella AK-137
USS Cheleb AK-138
USS Situla AK-140
USS Alamosa AK-156 D
USS Alcona AK-157
USS Beltrami AK-162
USS Cabell AK-166
USS Chicot AK-170
USS Faribault AK-179
USS Grainger AK-184
USS Habersham AK-186
USS Appanoose AK-226 D
USS Sussex AK-213
USS Kenmore AK-221
USS Livingston AK-222
USS De Grasse AK-223
USS Prince Georges AK-224
USS Allegan AK-225
USS Boulder Victory AK-227
USS Las Vegas Victory AK-229
USS Mayfield Victory AK-232
USS Bucyrus Victory AK-234
USS Lakewood Victory AK-236
(Army) Lt. G.W.G. Boyce T-AK 251
USS Altair AK-257
USS Antares AK-258
USS Alcor AK-259
USS Betelgeuse AK-260
USS Pyro AE-1
USS Nitro AE-2  D
USS Lassen AE-3  D
USS Mount Baker AE-4
USS Ranier AE-5
USS Shasta AE-6
USS Mauna Loa AE-8
USS Mazama AE-9
USS Sangay AE-10
USS Mount Hood AE-11  D
USS Wrangell AE-12 c
USS Akutan AE-13  D
USS Firedrake AE-14
USS Vesuvius AE-15
USS Mount Kaatmai AE-l6
USS Great Sitkin AE-17
USS Paricutin AE-18
USS Diamond Head AE-19c
USS Suribachi AE-21 c
USS Mauna Kea AE-22
USS Nitro AE-23 c
USS Pyro AE-24
USS Haleakala AE-25
USS Kilauea AE-26
USS Butte AE-27 c
USS Santa Barbara AE-28 c
USS Mount Hood AE-29 c
USS Virgo AE-30
USS Chara AE-31
USS Flint AE-32 c
USS Shasta AE-33
USS Mount Baker AE-34 c
USS Kiska AE-35c
USS Bridge AF-1
USS Arctic AF-7 D
USS Boreas AF-8 D
USS Yukon AF-9 D
USS Aldebaran AF-10 c
USS Mizar AF-12
USS Tarazed AF-13
USS Uranus AF-14 D
USS Talamanca AF-15 D
USS Pastores AF-16
USS Calamares AF-18 D
USS Roamer AF-19
USS Merak AF-21 D
USS Ariel AF-22
USS Delphinus AF-24
USS Tarus AF-25 D
USS Octans AF-26 D
USS Hyades AF-28c
USS Graffias AF-29
USS Adria AF-30
USS Arequipa AF-31
USS Cordura AF-32
USS Karin AF-33
USS Kerstin AF-34
USS Latona AF-35
USS Lioba AF-36
USS Malabar AF-37
USS Merapi AF-38
USS Saturn AF-40 D
USS Bondia AF-42
USS Gordonia AF-43
USS Laurentia AF-44
USS Lucidor AF-45
USS Octavia AF-46
USS Valentine AF-47
USS Alstede AF-48c
USS Zelima AF-49
USS Arcturus AF-52 c
USS Pictor AF-54
USS Aludra AF-55
USS Denebola AF-56 c
USS Regulus AF-57
USS Rigel AF-58 c
USS Vega AF-59
USS Sirius AF-60
USS Bellatrix AF-62
USS Mars AFS-1
USS Sylvania AFS-2 c
USS Niagara Falls AFS-3
USS White Plains AFS-4
USS Concord AFS-5 c
USS San Diego AFS-6 c
USS San Jose AFS-7
USS Castor AKS-1
USS Antares AKS-3
USS Pollux AKS-4
USS Acubens AKS-5  D
USS Kochab AKS-6
USS Luna AKS-7
USS Talita AKS-8
USS Volans AKS-9
USS Cybele AKS-10
USS Gratia AKS-11
USS Hecuba AKS-12
USS Hesperia AKS-13
USS Iolanda AKS-14
USS Liguria AKS-15
USS Mercury AKS-20
USS Altair AKS-32c
USS Antares AKS-33
USS Kanawha AO-1 D
USS Maumee AO-2 D
USS Cuyama AO-3 D
USS Brazos AO-4
USS Neches AO-5
USS Pecos AO-6 D
USS Sara Thompson AO-8
USS Patoka AO-9 D
USS Ramapo AO-12 D
USS Trinity AO-13
USS Kaweah AO-15 D
USS Laramie AO-16 D
USS Rapidan AO-18 D
USS Salinas AO-19
USS Sepulga AO-20
USS Tippecanoe AO-21
USS Cimarron AO-22
USS Neosho AO-23 D
USS Platte AO-24
USS Sabine AO-25
USS Salamonie AO-26
USS Kaskaskia AO-27
OSS Santee AO-29 D
USS Chemung AO-30
USS Guadalupe AO-32
USS Chicopee AO-34
USS Housatonic AO-35
USS Kennebec AO-36
USS Merrimack AO-37
USS Winooski AO-38
USS Kankakee AO-39
USS Mattaponi AO-41
USS Monongahela AO-42
USS Tappahannock AO-43
USS Patuxent AO-44
USS Big Horn AO-45 D
USS Neches AO-47
USS Neosho AO-48
USS Suamico AO-49 D
USS Tallulah AO-50
USS Ashtabula AO-51
USS Cacapon AO-52
USS Caliente AO-53
USS Chikaskia AO-54
USS Elokomin AO-55
USS Aucilla  AO-56 c
USS Marias AO-57 c
USS Manatee AO-58
USS Mississinewa AO-59 D
USS Nantahala AO-60
USS Severn AO-61
USS Taluga AO-62 D
USS Chipola AO-63
USS Tolovana AO-64
USS Pecos AO-65
USS Atascosa AO-66
USS Cache AO-67 D
USS Chiwawa AO-68 D
USS Enoree AO-69
USS Escalante AO-70 D
USS Neshanic AO-71
USS Niobrara AO-72
USS Millicoma AO-73
USS Saranac AO-74
USS Saugatuck AO-75
USS Schuylkill  AO-76
USS Cossatot AO-77
USS Chepachet AO-78
USS Cowanesque AO-79
USS Escambia AO-80
USS Kennebago AO-81
USS Mascoma AO-83
USS Pamanset AO-85
USS Ponaganset AO-86
USS Sebec AO-87 D
USS Tomahawk AO-88
USS Soubarissen AO-93 D
USS Caney AO-95
USS Allagash AO-97
USS Caloosahatchee AO-98 c
USS Canisteo AO-99 c
USS Chukawan AO-100 c
USS Mispillion AO-105
USS Navasota AO-106
USS Passumpsic AO-107 c
USS Pawcatuck AO-108
USS Waccamaw AO-109 c
USS Conecuh AOR-110
USS Neosho AO-143 c
USS Mississinewa AO-144
USS Hassayampa AO-145
USS Kawishiwi AO-146
USS Truckee AO-147 c
USS Ponchatoula AO-148
USS Cimarron AO-177 c only
USS Monongahela AO-178 c only
USS Merrimack AO-179 c only
USS Platte AO-186 c only
USS Milwaukee AOR-2 c
USS Kansas City AOR-3
USS Savannah AOR-4 c
USS Wabash AOR-5
USS Kalamazoo AOR-6 c
USS Roanoke AOR-7 c
USS Sacremento AOE-1
USS Camden AOE-2
USS Seattle AOE-3 c
USS Detroit AOE-4 c
USS Supply AOE-6 c only
USS Arctic AOE-8 c only
USS Patapsco AOG-1
USS Rio Grande AOG-3
USS Agawam AOG-6
USS Elkhorn AOG-7
USS Genesee AOG-8
USS Kishwaukee AOG-9
USS Nemasket AOG-10
USS Tombigbee AOG-11
USS Mettawee AOG-17 D
USS Mettawee AOG-17 & AOG-28 (stern)
USS Pasquotank AOG-18
USS USS Sakatonchee AOG-19 & AOG-62 (stern)
USS Sequatchie AOG-21
USS Kanawha AOG-31
USS Ponchatoula AOG-38 &AOG-43 (stern)
USS Waupaca AOG-46
USS Chehalis  AOG-48
USS Chestatee AOG-49
USS Chewaucan AOG-50
USS Mattabasset AOG-52
USS Namakagon AOG-53
USS Natchaug AOG-54
USS Nespelen AOG-55 c
USS Noxubee AOG-56 c
USS Pecatonica AOG-57
USS Klaskanine AOG-63 & AOG-34 Stern
USS Holland AS-3  D
USS Beaver AS-5  D
USS Fulton AS-11
USS Sperry AS-12
USS Griffin AS-13
USS Pelias AS-14
USS Bushnell AS-15
USS Howard W. Gilmore AS-16
USS Nereus AS-17
USS Orion AS-18c
USS Proteus AS-19
USS Otus AS-20
USS Euryale AS-22 D
USS Aegir AS-23
USS Hunley AS-31 c
USS Holland AS-32c
USS Simon Lake AS-33 c
USS Canopus AS-34
USS L.Y. Spear AS-36 c
USS Dixon AS-37
USS Emory S. Land AS-39 c only
USS Frank Cable AS-40 c only
USS Widgeon ASR-1
USS Pigeon ASR-6
USS Chanticleer ASR-7
USS Coucal ASR-8
USS Florikan ASR-9
USS Greenlet ASR-10
USS Penguin ASR-12
USS Kittiwake ASR-13 c
USS Petrel ASR-l4 c
USS Sunbird ASR-15
USS Tringa ASR-16
USS Skylark ASR-20
USS Pigeon ASR-21
USS Ortolan ASR-22 c only
Resolute AFDM-10
USS Edenton ATS-1 c
USS Beaufort ATS-2
USS Brunswick ATS-3
USS Melville AD-2
USS Dobbin AD-3
USS Whitney AD-4
USS Buffalo AD-8 D
USS Black Hawk AD-9
USS Altair AD-11
USS Denebola AD-12
USS Dixie AD-14
USS Prairie AD-15 c
USS Cascade AD-16
USS Piedmont AD-17 c
USS Sierra AD-18 c
USS Yosemite AD-19 c
USS Hamul AD-20
USS Markab AD-21
USS Klondike AD-22
USS Arcadia AD-23c
USS Everglades AD-24
USS Frontier AD-25
USS Shenandoah AD-26 c
USS Yellowstone AD-27
USS Grand Canyon AD-28 c
USS Isle Royal AD-29
USS Tidewater AD-31
USS Alcor AD-34  D
USS Bryce Canyon AD-36 c
USS Samuel Gompers AD-37
USS Puget Sound AD-38 c
USS Yellowstone AD-41 c only
USS Acadia AD-42
USS Shenandoah AD-44 c only
USS Pathfinder AGS-1
USS Oceanographer AGS-3 D
USS Bowditch AGS-4 D
USS Sumner AGS-5
USS Derickson AGS-6 D
USS Littlehales AGS-7
USS Dutton AGS-8
USS J.Blish AGS-10
USS Tanner AGS-15
USS Maury AGS-16  {D 46)
USS Pursuit AGS-17
USS Requisite AGS-18
USS Sheldrake AGS-19
USS Prevail AGS-20
USS Serrano AGS-24
USS Towhee AGS-28
USS San Pablo AGS-30
USS Rehoboth AGS-50
USS Manley APD-1 D
USS Colhoun APD-2
USS Gregory APD-3
USS Little APD-4
USS McKean APD-5 D
USS Stringham APD-6 D
USS Dent APD-9 D
USS Brooks APD-10 D
USS Humphreys APD-12 D
USS Sands APD-13 D
USS Schley APD-14 D
USS Kilty APD-15 D
USS Crosby APD-17
USS Kane APD-18 D
USS Tattnall APD-19 D
USS Roper APD-20 D
USS Dickerson APD-21
USS Overton APD-23 D
USS Rathburne APD-25
USS Barry APD-29 D
USS Belknap APD-34 D
USS Osmond Ingram APD-35 D
USS Greene APD-36 D
USS Barr APD-39
USS Bowers APD-40
USS Gantner APD-42
USS George W. Ingram APD-43
USS Blessman APD-48 D
USS Laning APD-55
USS Liddle APD-60
USS Kephart APD-61 D
USS Cofer APD-62 D
USS Lloyd APD-63
USS Yokes APD-69 D
USS Jack C. Robinson APD-72 D
USS Bassett APD-73
USS Schmitt APD-76
USS Bull APD-78
USS Hollis APD-86
USS Ruchamkin APD-89 c
USS Kirwin APD-90
USS Kinzer APD-91
USS Wm. M. Hobby APD-95
USS Ray K. Edwards APD-96
USS Knudson APD-101
USS Earle B. Hall APD-107
USS Harry L. Corl APD-108
USS Belet APD-109
USS Joseph M. Auman APD-117 D
USS Beverly W. Reid APD-119
USS Kline APD-120
USS Ray. W. Herndon APD-121
USS Scribner APD-122 D
USS Diachenko APD-123
USS Horace A. Bass APD-124
USS Wantuck APD-125
USS Gosselin APD-126
USS Begor APD-127
USS Cavallaro APD-128
USS Cook APD-130
USS Balduck APD-132
USS Burdo APD-133
USS Kleinsmith APD-134
USS Weiss APD-135
USS Carpellotti APD-136
USS Harris APA-2
USS Barnett APA-5
USS Heywood APA-6
USS Neville APA-9 D
USS Harry Lee APA-10
USS Leonard Wood APA-12
USS Joseph T. Dickman APA-13
USS Hunter Liggett APA-14
USS J. Franklin Bell APA-16
USS American Legion APA-17
USS President Jackson APA-18
USS President Adams APA-19
USS President Hayes APA-20
USS Cresent City APA-21
USS Arthur Middleton APA-25
USS Samuel Chase APA-26
USS George Clymer APA-27
USS Charles Carroll APA-28
USS Thomas Jefferson APA-30
USS Monrovia APA-31c
USS Calvert APA-32
USS Bayfield APA-33
USS Bolivar APA-34
USS Callaway APA-35
USS Cambria APA-36c
USS Cavalier APA-37
USS Chilton APA-38c
USS Clay APA-39
USS Custer APA-40
USS Du Page APA-41
USS Elmore APA-42
USS Fayette APA-43 D
USS Fremont APA-44c
USS Henrico APA-45
USS Pierce APA-50
USS Sumter APA-52 D
USS Warren APA-53
USS Wayne APA-54 D
USS Windsor APA-55
USS Leedstown APA-56 D
USS Gilliam APA-57 D
USS Appling APA-58 w/tug YTB181
USS Berrien APA-62
USS Bladen APA-63
USS Bracken APA-64
USS Briscoe APA-65
USS Burleson APA-67
USS Carlisle APA-69
USS Carteret APA-70 D
USS Catron APA-71 D
USS Cleburne APA-73
USS Colusa APA-74
USS Cortland APA-75
USS Crittenden APA-77 D
USS Cullman APA-78
USS Dawson APA-79
USS Fallon APA-81
USS Fergus APA-82 D
USS Fillmore APA-83
USS Garrard APA-84
USS Gasconade APA-85 D
USS Geneva APA-86
USS Niagara APA-87
USS Presidio APA-88
USS Frederick Funston APA-89 D
USS Adair APA-91
USS Alpine APA-92
USS Barnstable APA-93
USS Burleigh APA-95 D
USS Cecil APA-96
USS Dauphine APA-97
USS Dutchess APA-98
USS Dade APA-99
USS Mendocino APA-100
USS Montour APA-101 D
USS Riverside APA-102 D
USS Queens APA-103 D
USS Westmoreland APA-104
USS Shelby APA-105
USS Goshen APA-108
USS Grafton APA-109
USS Guilford APA-112 D
USS Hamblen APA-114
USS Haskell APA-117
USS Hinsdale APA-120
USS Allendale APA-127
USS Marvin McIntyre APA-129
USS Bandera APA-131
USS Beckham APA-133
USS Botetourt APA-136
USS Braxton APA-138
USS Broadwater APA-139
USS Buckingham APA-141
USS Audubon APA-149
USS Bergen APA-150
USS Latimer APA-152
USS Lowndes APA-154
USS Lycoming APA-155
USS Mellette APA-156
USS Napa APA-157 D
USS Nerwberry APA-158
USS Darke APA-159
USS Deuel APA-160
USS Drew APA-162
USS Freestone APA-167
USS Gage APA-168
USS Gosper APA-170
USS Granville APA-171
USS Kershaw APA-176
USS Kingsbury APA-177
USS Lander APA-178
USS Lauderdale APA-179
USS Lavaca APA-180
USS Oconto APA-187
USS Olmstead APA-188
USS Oxford APA-189
USS Pickens APA-190
USS Pondera APA-191
USS Rutland APA-192
USS Sanborn APA-193
USS Sandoval APA-194 c
USS Lenawee APA-195
USS Logan APA-196
USS Lubbock APA-197
USS McCracken APA-198
USS Magoffin APA-199
USS Marathon APA-200
USS Menard APA-201
USS Menifee APA-202
USS Meriwether APA-203
USS Sarasota APA-204
USS Shereburne APA-205
USS Sibley APA-206
USS Mifflin APA-207
USS Talladega APA-208
USS Telfair APA-210 c
USS Montrose APA-212
USS Mountrail APA-213
USS Navarro APA-215
USS Neshoba APA-216
USS New Kent APA-217
USS Noble APA-218
USS Okanogan APA-220
USS Oneida APA-221
USS Pickaway APA-222
USS Pitt APA-223
USS Randall APA-224
USS Bingham APA-225
USS Rawlins APA-226
USS Renville APA-227
USS Rockbridge APA-228
USS Rockingham APA-229
USS Rockwell APA-230
USS Saint Croix APA-231
USS San Saba APA-232
USS Sevier APA-233
USS Bollinger APA-234
USS Bottineau APA-235
USS Bronx APA-236
USS Bexar APA-237
USS Dane APA-238
USS Glynn APA-239
USS Paul Revere LPA-248
USS Francis Marion LPA-249 c
USS Henderson AP-1 D
USS Wm. Ward Burrows AP-6
USS Wharton AP-7
USS Harris AP-8 D
USS Zeilin  AP-9
USS Barnett AP-11 D
USS Heywood AP-12 D
USS George F. Elliot  AP-13 D
USS Wm.P. Biddle AP-15 D
USS Neville AP-16 D
USS Harry Lee AP-17 D
USS Wakefield AP-21
USS Mount Vernon AP-22 D
USS West Point AP-23 D
USS Orizaba AP-24 D
USS Leonard Wood AP-25 D
USS Joseph T. Dickman AP-26
USS Hunter Liggett AP-27 D
USS Kent AP-28 D
USS Grant AP-29 D
USS Henrt T. Allen AP-30 D
USS Chateau Thierry AP-31 D
USS St. Mihiel AP-32 D
USS J. Franklin Bell AP-34 D
USS American Legion AP-35 D
USS President Jackson AP-37 D
USS President Adams AP-38 D
USS President Hayes AP-39 D
USS Cresent City AP-40 D
USS Stratford AP-41 D
USS Tasker Bliss AP-42 D
USS Joseph Hewes AP-50 D
USS Sheridan AP-51 D
USS Edward Rutledge AP-52 D
USS Lafayette AP-53 D
USS Hermitage AP-54
USS Arthur Middleton AP-55 D
USS Samuel Chase AP-56 D
USS George Clymer AP-57 D
USS Charles Carroll AP-58 D
USS Thomas Stone AP-59 D
USS Thomas Jefferson AP-60 D
USS Monticello AP-61 D
USS Rochambeau AP-63 D
USS Calvert AP-65 D
USS Ancon AP-66 D
USS Dorothea  L. Dix AP-67
USS Elizabeth Stanton AP-69
USS Lyon AP-71
USS Susan B. Anthony AP-72
USS Leedstown AP-73 D
USS Le Jeune AP-74
USS Gemini AP-75
USS Anne Arundel AP-76 D
USS Thurston AP-77
USS La Salle AP-102
President Polk AP-103 as Amer. Pres.Lines
USS George F. Elliot AP-105 D
USS Gen John Pope AP-110 D
USS Gen. A.E. Anderson AP-111
USS Gen. Wm. A. Mann AP-112
USS Gen. H.W. Butner AP-113
USS Gen. Wm. Mitchell AP-114
USS Gen. George Randall  AP-115
USS Gen M.C. Meigs AP-116 D
USS Gen W.H. Gordon AP-117 D
USS Gen William Weigel AP-119 D
(Army) Adm. W.S. Benson AP-120
(Army) Adm. W.L. Capps AP-121
USS Gen. S.B. Buckner AP-123
(Army) Adm.C.F. Hughes AP-124
USS Gen. N.M. Walker AP-125
USS Gen. G.O. Squier AP-130
USS Gen T.H. Bliss AP-131 D
USS Gen. J.R. Brooke AP-132 D
(Army) Gen. O.H. Ernst AP-133
USS Gen R.L. Howze AP-134 D
USS Gen. Wm. M. Black AP-135 D
USS Gen H. L. Scott AP-136 D
USS Gen. S.D. Sturgis AP-137
USS Gen R.E. Callan AP-139
(Army) Gen. A.W. Greely AP-141
(Army) Gen. C.H. Muir AP-142
USS Gen. H.F. Hodges AP-144
USS Gen. M.L. Hershey AP-148 D
(Army)Gen. J.H. McRae AP-149
(Army)Gen. W.C. Langfitt AP-151
USS Gen Omar Bundy AP-152
USS Gen. R. Blatchford AP-153
USS Gen A.W. Brewster AP-155
(Army) Gen. A.W. Brewster AP-155
USS Gen. C.C. Ballou AP-157
USS Gen. H.G. Haan AP-158
USS Comet AP-166
USS John Land AP-167
USS War Hawk AP-168
USS Golden City AP-169
USS Winged Arrow AP-170
USS Storm King AP-171
USS Cape Johnson AP-172
USS Herald of Morning AP-173
USS Starlight AP-175
USS Gen. Breckinridge AP-176
(Army) Pvt. Elden H. Johnson AP-184
USS Arcturus AKA-1
USS Procyon AKA-2
USS Bellatrix AKA-3
USS Electra AKA-4
USS Alchiba AKA-6 D
USS Alcyone AKA-7
USS Alhena AKA-9
USS Almaack AKA-10 D
USS Betelgeuse AKA-11 D
USS Libra AKA-12
USS Titania AKA-13
USS Oberon AKA-14
USS Andromeda AKA-15
USS Aquarius AKA-16 D
USS Centaurus AKA-17
USS Cepheus AKA-18
USS Thuban AKA-19
USS Virgo AKA-20
USS Artemus AKA-21
USS Athene AKA-22
USS Aurolia AKA-23
USS Birgit AKA-24
USS Circe AKA-25
USS Devosa AKA-27
USS Medea AKA-31
USS Pamina AKA-34
USS Polana AKA-35
USS Remate AKA-36
USS Roxane AKA-37
USS Sarita AKA-39
USS Scania AKA-40
USS Selinur AKA-41
USS Sylvania AKA-44
USS Tabora AKA-45
USS Troilus AKA-46 w/YO-119
USS Archernar AKA-53
USS Algol AKA-54 c
USS Alshain AKA-55
USS Arneb AKA-56 c
USS Capricornus AKA-57 c
USS Chara AKA-58
USS Diphda AKA-59
USS Leo AKA-60
USS Muliphen AKA-61 c
USS Sheliak AKA-62
USS Theenim AKA-63
USS Tolland AKA-64 D
USS Shoshone AKA-65
USS Southampton AKA-66
USS Starr AKA-67
USS Stokes AKA-68 D
USS Suffolk AKA-69 D
USS Tate AKA-70
USS Todd AKA-71
USS Caswell AKA-72 D
USS New Hanover AKA-73 D
USS Lenoir AKA-74
USS Alamance AKA-75
USS Torrance AKA-76 D
USS Towner AKA-77 D
USS Trego AKA-78
USS Tyrrell AKA-80 D
USS Valencia AKA-81 D
USS Vamengo AKA-82 D
USS Vinton AKA-83 D
USS Waukesha AKA-84
USS Wheatland AKA-85
USS Woodford AKA-86
USS Duplin AKA-87
USS Uvalde AKA-88
USS Warrick AKA-89
USS Whiteside AKA-90
USS Whitley AKA-91
USS Wyandot AKA-92
USS Yancey AKA-93 c
USS Winston AKA-94
USS Marquette AKA-95
USS Mathews AKA-96
USS Merrick AKA-97
USS Montague AKA-98
USS Rolette AKA-99 D
USS Oglethorpe AKA-100 c
USS Ottawa AKA-101
USS Prentiss AKA-102
USS Rankin AKA-103 c
USS Seminole AKA-104
USS Skagit AKA-105
USS Union AKA-l06
USS Vermilion AKA-l07 c
USS Washburn AKA-108
USS Tulare AKA-112
USS Charleston LKA -113 c
USS Durham LKA-114 c
USS Mobile LKA-115
USS St. Louis LKA-116
USS El Paso LKA-117 c
USS Annapolis AGMR-1 c
USS Arlington AGMR-2 c
USS Georgetown AGTR-2 c
USS Belmont AGTR-4
USS Liberty AGTR-5
USS Palm Beach AGER-3
USS Bobolink AMS-2
USS Bunting AMS-3
USS Cardinal AMS-4
USS  Courser AMS-6
USS Crow AMS-7
USS Curlew AMS-8
USS Flicker AMS-9
USS Firecrest AMS-10
USS Flamingo AMS-11
USS Goldfinch AMS-12
USS Grackle AMS-13
USS Grosbeak AMS-14
USS Grouse AMS-15
USS Gull AMS-16
USS Hawk AMS-17
USS Heron AMS-18
USS Hornbill AMS-19
USS Hummer AMS-20
USS Jackdaw AMS-21
USS Lark AMS-23
USS Linnet AMS-24
USS Osprey AMS-28
USS Ostrich AMS-29
USS Plover AMS-33
USS Sanderling AMS-35
USS Swan AMS-37
USS Brant AMS-43
USS Courlan AMS-44
USS Crossbill AMS-45
USS Egret AMS-46
USS Fulmar AMS-47
USS Lapwing AMS-48
USS Lorikeet AMS-49
USS Nightingale AMS-50
USS Reedbird AMS-51
USS Rhea AMS-52
USS Robin AMS-53
USS Ruff AMS-54
USS Seagull AMS-55
USS Turkey AMS-56
USS Redpoll AMS-57
USS Siskin AMS-58
(unnamed are foreign)
USS Bluebird MSC-121
USS Falcon MSC-190
USS Frigate Bird MSC-191
USS Hummingbird MSC-192
USS Jacana MSC-193
USS Kingbird MSC-194
USS Limpkin MSC-195
USS Meadowlark MSC-196
USS Parrot MSC-197
USS Peacock MSC-198
USS Phoebe MSC-199
USS Redwing MSC-200
USS Shrike MSC-201
USS Spoonbill MSC-202
USS Thrasher MSC-203
USS Thrush  MSC-204
USS Vireo MSC-205
USS Agile MSO-421
USS Agressive MSO-422
USS Avenge MSO-423
USS Bold MSO-424
USS Bulwark MSO-425 D
USS Conflict MSO-426
USS Constant MSO-427
USS Dash MSO-428 c
USS Detector MSO-429 c
USS Direct MSO-430 c
USS Dominant MSO-431 c
USS Dynamic MSO-432
USS Engage MSO-433 c
USS Embattle MSO-434
USS Endurance MSO-435
USS Energy MSO-436
USS Enhance MSO-437
USS Esteem MSO-438
USS Excel  MSO-439
USS Exploit MSO-440 c
USS Exultant MSO-441 c
USS Fearless MSO-442 c
USS Fidelity MSO-443 c
USS Firm MSO-444
USS Force MSO-445
USS Fortify MSO-446 c
USS Guide MSO-447
USS Illusive MSO-448 c
USS Impervious MSO-449 c
USS Implicit MSO-455
USS Inflict MSO-456 c
USS Loyalty MSO-457
USS Lucid MSO-458
USS Nimble MSO-459
USS Notable MSO-460
USS Observer MSO-461
USS Pinnacle MSO-462
USS Pivot MSO-463
USS Pluck MSO-464
USS Prestige MSO-465
USS Reaper MSO-467
USS Sagacity MSO-469
USS Salute MSO-470
USS Skill SO-471
USS Valor MSO-472
USS Vigor MSO-473
USS Vital MSO-474
USS Conquest MSO-488
USS Gallant MSO-489
USS Leader MSO-490 c
USS Pledge MSO-492
USS Swerve MSO-495
USS Acme MSO-508
USS Adroit MSO-509 c
USS Advance MSO-510
USS Affray MSO-511 c
USS Ability MSO-519
USS  Alacrity MSO-520c
USS Assurance MSO-521 c

USS Ozark MCS-2 c
USS Orleans Parish MCS-6

USS Dorsey DMS-1 D
USS Lamberton DMS-2 D
USS Boggs DMS-3 D
USS Palmer DMS-5 D
USS Hogan DMS-6 D
USS Howard DMS-7 D
USS Stansbury DMS-8 D
USS Chandler DMS-9 D
USS Southard DMS-10 D
USS Hovey DMS-11 D
USS Long DMS-12 D
USS Hopkins DMS-13 D
USS Zane DMS-14 D
USS Wasmuth DMS-15 D
USS Trever DMS-16 D
USS Perry DMS-17 D
USS Hamilton DMS-18 D
USS Ellyson DMS-19
USS Hambleton DMS-20
USS Rodman DMS-21
USS Macomb DMS-23
USS Fitch DMS-25
USS Hobson DMS-26
USS Jeffers DMS-27
USS Harding DMS-28 D
USS Gherardi DMS-30
USS Mervine DMS-31
USS Quick DMS-32
USS Carmick DMS-33
USS Doyle DMS-34
USS Endicott DMS-35
USS McCook DMS-36
USS Davison DMS-37
USS Thompson DMS-38
USS Cowie DMS-39
USS Knight DMS-40
USS Doran DMS-41
USS Hale DMS-42
USS Finch AM-9 D
USS Quail AM-15 D
USS Thrush AM-18
USS Pelican AM-27 D
USS Swan AM-34 D
USS Bittern AM-36
USS Mallard AM-44
USS Raven AM-55 D
USS Osprey AM-56 D
USS Auk AM-57 D
USS Broadbill AM-58
USS Chickadee AM-59 D
USS Nuthatch AM-60 D
USS Pheasant AM-61 D
USS Sheldrake AM-62
USS Bullfinch AM 66 D
USS Heed AM-100
USS Herald AM-101
USS Pilot AM-104
USS Pioneer AM-105 D
USS Prevail AM-107 D
USS Sage AM-111
USS Staff AM-114
USS Strive AM-117
USS Sustain AM-119
USS Swift AM-122
USS Symbol AM-123
USS Tumult AM-127
USS Zeal AM-131
USS Admirable AM-136 D
USS Delegate AM-217
USS Gayety AM-239
USS Incredible AM-249
USS Jubilant AM-255
USS Mainstay AM-261
USS Pirate AM-277
USS Ransom AM-283
USS Report AM-289
USS Shelter AM-301
USS Chief AM-315
USS Competent AM-316
USS Defense AM-317
USS Devastor AM-318
USS Gladiator AM-319
USS Impeccable AM-320
USS Spear AM-322
USS Triumph AM-323
USS Vigilance AM-324
USS Ardent AM-340
USS Dextrous AM-341
USS Murrelet AM-372
USS Peregrine AM-373
USS Pigeon AM-374
USS Pochard AM-375
USS Ptarmigan AM-376
USS Quail AM-377
USS Redstart AM-378
USS Ruddy AM-380
USS Scoter AM-381
USS Shoveler AM-382
USS Surfbird AM-383
USS Sprig AM-384
USS Tanager AM-385
USS Tercel AM-386
USS Toucan AM-387
USS Towhee AM-388
USS Waxwing AM-389
USS Wheatear AM-390
USS Ashville PF-1 D
USS Annapolis PF-15

USS Corpus Christi PF-44
USS Bisbee PF-46 D
USS Gladwyne PF-62
USS Moberly PF-63
USS New Bedford PF-71
USS Pegasus PHM-1 c only
USS Hercules PHM-2 c only
USS Tucumcari PGH-2
USS Dubuque PG 17 D
USS Paducah PG-18
USS Tutuila PG-44
USS Panay PG-45 D
USS Oahu PG-48 D
USS Jamestown PG-55 D
USS Plymouth PG-57
USS Beaumont PG-60 D
USS Ashville PG-84 c
USS Gallup PG-85 d
USS Antelope  PG-86
USS Ready PG-87
USS Crockett PG-88 c only
USS Marathon PG-89
USS Tacoma PG-92  c only
USS Welch PG-93 c only
USS Chehalis PG-94 c only
USS Defiance PG-95 d
USS Benecia PG-96 d
USS Grand Rapids PG-98 d
USS Beacon PG-99 c only
USS Douglas PG-100
USS Green Bay PG-101 c
( F indicates before & after FRAM view available
 c indicates a color view available
cF indicates only FRAM view available in color.)
D - digital
USS Bainbridge DD-1 D
USS Macdonough DD-9 D
USS Perry DD-11 D
USS Truxtun DD-14 D
USS Whipple DD-15 D
USS Smith DD-17 D
USS Preston DD-19 D
USS Flusser DD-20 D
USS Reid DD-21 D
USS Drayton DD-23 D
USS Terry DD-25 D
USS Perkins DD-26 D
USS Sterrett DD-27 D
USS Mayrant DD-31 D
USS Fanning DD-37 D
USS Henley DD-39 D
USS Beale DD-40 D
USS Cummings DD-44 D
USS Downes DD-45 D
USS Duncan DD-46 D
USS Aylwin DD-47 D
USS Parker DD-48 D
USS Benham DD-49 D
USS Balch DD-50 D
USS Nicholson DD-52 D
USS Wilson DD-53
USS McDougal DD-54
USS Cushing DD-55 D
USS Tucker DD-57 D
USS Conyngham DD-58 D
USS Porter DD-59 D
USS Jacob Jones DD-61 D
USS Wainwright DD-62 D
USS Sampson DD-63 D
USS Rowan DD-64 D
USS Davis DD-65 D
USS Allen DD-66 D
USS Wilkes DD-67 D
USS Shaw DD-68 D
USS Gwin DD-71 D
USS Stockton DD-73 D
USS Philip DD-76 d
USS Evans DD-78 D
USS Colhoun DD-85
USS Robinson DD-88 D
USS Ringold DD-89 D
USS Luce DD-99 D
USS Mahan DD-102
USS Schley DD-103 D
USS Chaplin DD-104 D
USS Mugford DD-105 D
USS Chew DD-106 D
USS Hazelwood DD-107 D
USS Williams DD-108 D
USS Crane DD-109 D
USS Ingraham DD-111 D
USS Ludlow DD-112 D
USS Rathburne DD-113 D
USS Talbot D-114 D
USS Waters DD-115 D
USS USS Dent DD-116
USS Dorsey DD-117 D
USS Lea DD-118 D
USS Lamberton DD-119 D
USS Radford DD-120 D
USS Breese DD-122 D
USS Gamble DD-123 D
USS Ramsay DD-124 D
USS Tattnall DD-125 D
USS Badger DD-126 D
USS Babbit DD-128 D
USS Jacob Jones DD-130 D
USS Buchanan DD-131 D
USS Hale DD-133 D
USS Crowinshield DD-134 D
USS Tillman DD-135 D
USS Boggs DD-136 D
USS Kilty DD-137 D
USS Ward DD-139 D
USS Claxton DD-140 D
USS Hamilton DD-141 D
USS Tarbell DD-142 D
USS Upshur DD-144 D
USS Greer DD-145 D
USS Elliot DD-146 D
USS Roper DD-147 D
USS Breckinridge DD-148 D
USS Barney  DD-149
USS Blakeley DD-150 D
USS Biddle DD-151 D
USS Dupont DD-152 D
USS Bernadou DD-153 D
USS Ellis DD-154 D
USS Cole DD-155 D
USS J. Fred Talbot DD-156 D
USS Leary DD-158 D
USS Schenck DD-159 D
USS Herbert DD-160 D
USS Thatcher DD-162 D
USS Foote DD-169 D
USS Burns DD-171 D
USS McKensie DD-175 D
USS Renshaw DD-176 D
USS Obannon DD-177 D
USS Hogan DD-178 D
USS Howard DD-179 D
USS Stansbury DD-180 D
USS Hopewell DD-181 D
USS Abbot DD-184 D
USS Doran DD-185 D
USS Dahlgren DD-187 D
USS Goldsborough DD-188 D
USS Satterlee DD-190 D
USS Branch DD-197 D
USS Alex. Dallas DD-199 D
USS Chandler DD-206
USS Southard DD-207 D
USS Hovey DD-208 D
USS Long DD-209 D
USS Smith Thompson DD-212 D
USS Barker DD-213 D
USS Borie DD-215 D
USS John D. Edwards DD-216 D
USS Whipple DD-217 D
USS Parrot DD-218 D
USS Edsall DD-219 D
USS Macleish DD-220 D
USS Simpson DD-221 D
USS Bulmer DD-222  D
USS McCormick DD-223 D
USS Stewart DD-224 D
USS Pope DD-225 D
USS John D. Ford DD-228 D
USS Paul Jones DD-230 D
USS Hatfield DD-231 D
USS Brooks DD-232 D
USS Gilmer DD-233 D
USS Kane DD-235 D
USS Humphreys DD-236 D
USS McFarland DD-237 D
USS J.K. Paulding DD-238 D
USS Overton DD-239 D
USS Sturtevant DD-240 D
USS Childs DD-241 D
USS Williamson DD-244 D
USS Reuben James DD-245 D
USS Bainbridge DD-246 D
USS Goff DD-247 D
USS Barry DD 248 D
USS Hopkins DD-249 D
USS lawrence DD-250 D
USS Rodgers DD-254 D
USS Aulick DD-258 D
USS Laub DD-263 D
USS Bailey DD-269 D
USS Morris DD-271 D
USS Tingey DD-272 D
USS Sinclair DD-275 D
USS McCawley DD-276 D
USS Moody DD-277 D
USS Henshaw DD-278 D
USS Meyer DD-279 D
USS Doyen DD-280 D
USS Sharkey DD-281 D
USS Toucey DD-282 D
USS Isherwood DD-284
USS Lardner DD-286 D
USS Flusser DD-289 D
USS Converse DD-291 D
USS Charles Ausburn DD-294 D
USS Osborne DD-295 D
USS Fuller DD-297 D
USS Percival DD-298 D
USS John Francis Burns DD-299 D
USS Farragut DD-300 D
USS Stoddert DD-302 D
USS Reno DD-303 D
USS Farquhar DD-304 D
USS Thompson DD-305 D
USS Kennedy DD-306 D
USS Paul Hamilton DD-307 D
USS William Jones DD-308
USS S.P. Lee DD-310 D
USS Nicholas DD-311 D
USS Yarborough DD-314
USS La Vallette DD-315 D
USS Sloat DD-316 D
USS Kidder DD-319
USS Selfridge DD-320 D
USS Coghlan DD-326 D
USS Lamson DD-328 D
USS Hull DD-330 D
USS Macdonough DD-331 D
USS farenholt DD-332 D
USS Sumner DD-333 D
USS Litchfield DD-336 D
USS Trever DD-339 D
USS Decatur DD-341 D
USS Hulbert DD-342
USS Wm. B Preston DD-344 D
USS Preble DD-345 D
USS Sicard DD-346 D
USS Pruitt DD-347 D
USS Farragut DD-348 D
USS Dewey DD-349 D
USS Hull DD-350
USS MacDonough DD-351
USS Worden DD-352 D
USS Dale DD-353
USS Monaghan DD-354 D
USS Awlwin DD-355 D
USS Porter DD-356 D
USS Selfridge DD-357
USS McDougal DD-358 D
USS Winslow DD-359 D
USS Phelps DD-360 D
USS Clark DD-361
USS Moffett DD-362 D
USS Balch DD-363 D
USS Mahan DD-364 D
USS Cummings DD-365
USS Drayton DD-366 D
USS Lamson DD-367 D
USS Flusser DD-368 D
USS Reid DD-369 D
USS Case DD-370 D
USS Conyngham DD-371
USS Cassin DD-372 D
USS Shaw DD-373 D
USS Tucker DD-374 D
USS Downs DD-375 D
USS Cushing DD-376
USS Perkings DD-377 D
USS Smith DD-378 D
USS Preston DD-379 D
USS Gridley DD-380 D
USS Somers DD-381
USS Craven DD-382
USS Warrington DD-383 D
USS Dunlap DD-384 D
USS Fanning DD-385 D
USS Bagley DD-386 D
USS Blue DD-387 D
USS Helm D-388 D
USS Mugford DD-389 D
USS Ralph Talbot DD-390 D
USS Henley DD-391 D
USS Patterson DD-392 D
USS Jarvis DD-393 D
USS Sampson DD-394 D
USS Davis DD-395 D
USS Jouett DD-396 D
USS Benham DD-397
USS Ellet DD-398 D
USS Lang DD-399
USS McCall DD-400
USS Maury DD-40l D
USS Mayrant DD-402 D
USS Trippe DD-403 D
USS Rhind DD-404 D
USS Rowan DD-405 D
USS Stack DD-406 D
USS Sterett DD-407 D
USS Wilson DD-408 D
USS Sims DD-409 D
USS Hughes DD-410 D
USS Anderson DD-411
USS Mustin DD-413 D
USS Russell DD-414 D
USS O'Bien DD-415 D
USS Walke DD-416 D
USS Morris DD-417 D
USS Roe DD-418 D
USS Wainwright DD-419 D
USS Buck DD-420 D
USS Benson DD-421 D
USS Mayo DD-422 D
USS Gleaves DD-423 D
USS Niblack DD-424 D
USS Madison DD-425
USS Lansdale DD-426
USS Hilary P. Jones DD-427 D
USS Charles F. Hughes DD-428 D
USS Livermore DD-429 D
USS Eberle DD-430 D
USS Plunkett DD-431 d
USS Kearny DD-432
USS Gwin DD-433 D
USS Meredith DD-434 D
USS Grayson DD-435 D
USS Monssen DD-436 D
USS Woolsey DD-437 D
USS Ludlow DD-438 D
USS Edison DD-439 D
USS Ericsson DD-440 D
USS Wilkes DD-441 D
USS Nicholson DD-442 D
USS Swanson DD-443 D
USS Ingraham DD-444 d
USS Fletcher DD-445
USS Radford DD-446
USS Jenkins DD-447
USS La Vallette DD-448 D
USS Nicholas DD-449
USS O'Bannon DD-450
USS Chevalier DD-451
USS Briston DD-453 D
USS Ellyson DD-454
USS Hambleton DD-455 D
USS Rodman DD-456 D
USS Emmons DD-457 D
USS Macomb DD-458 D
USS Laffey DD-459 D
USS Woodworth DD-460
USS Forrest DD-461 D
USS Corry DD-463
USS Hobson DD-464 D
USS Saufley DD-465
USS Waller DD-466 c
USS Strong DD-467
USS Taylor DD-468
USS Bache DD-470
USS Beale DD-471
USS Guest DD-472 D
USS Bennett DD-473 D
USS Fullam DD-474 D
USS Hudson DD-475 D
USS Hutchins DD-476
USS Pringle DD-477 D
USS Stanly DD-478 D
USS Stevens DD-479 D
USS Halford DD-480 D
USS Leutze DD-481 D
USS Buchanan DD-484
USS Lansdowne DD-486 D
USS Lardner DD-487
USS McCalla DD-488
USS Mervine DD-489 D
USS Quick DD-490 D
USS Farenholt DD-491 D
USS Bailey DD-492 D
USS Carmick DD-493 D
USS Endicott DD-495 D
USS McCook DD-496
USS Frankford DD-497 D
USS Philip DD-498
USS Renshaw DD-499
USS Ringgold DD-500 D
USS Schroeder DD-501 D
USS Conway DD-507 c
USS Cony DD-508 c
USS Converse DD-509
USS Eaton DD-510 c
USS Foote DD-511 D
USS Spence DD-512
USS Terry DD-513
USS Thatcher DD-514
USS Anthony DD-515 D
USS Wadsworth DD-516 D
USS Walker DD-517
USS Brownson DD-518 D
USS Daly DD-519
USS Isherwood DD-520
USS Kimberly DD-521
USS  Luce DD-522
USS Abner Read DD-526
USS Ammen DD-527
USS Mullany DD-528
USS Bush DD-529
USS Trathen DD-530
USS Hazelwood DD-531
USS Heerman DD-532
USS Hoel DD-533
USS McCord DD-534
USS Miller DD-535
USS Owens DD-536
USS The Sullivans DD-537
USS Stephen Porter DD-538
USS Tingey DD-539
USS Twining DD-540
USS Yarnell DD-54l
USS Boyd DD-544
USS Bradford DD-545
USS Brown DD-546
USS Cowell DD-547
USS Capps DD-550 D
USS David W. Taylor DD-551 D
USS Evans DD-552
USS John D. Henley DD-553
USS Franks DD-554
USS Haggard DD-555 D
USS Hailey DD-556
USS Johnston DD-557 D
USS Laws DD-558
USS Longshaw DD-559
USS Morrison DD-560
USS Prichett DD-561
USS Robinson DD-562
USS Ross DD-563
USS Rowe DD-564
USS Smalley DD-565
USS Stoddard DD-566
USS Watts DD-567
USS Wren DD-568
USS Aulick DD-569
USS Charles Ausburne DD-570
USS Claxton DD-571 D
USS Dyson DD-572
USS Harrison DD-573 D
USS John Rodgers DD-574 D
USS McKee DD-575 D
USS Murray DD-576 c
USS Sproston DD-577
USS Wickes DD-578 D
USS Wm. D. Porter DD-579
USS Young DD-580 D
USS Charrette DD-581
USS Conner DD-582
USS Halligan DD-584 D
USS Haraden DD-585
USS Bell DD-587
USS Burns DD-588
USS Izard DD-589 D
USS Paul Hamilton DD-590 D
USS Twiggs DD-591 D
USS Howorth DD-592 D
USS Killen DD-593 D
USS Hart DD-594 D
USS Metcalfe DD-595 D
USS Shields DD-596
USS Wiley DD-597
USS Bancroft DD-598 D
USS Barton DD-599 D
USS Boyle DD-600 D
USS Champlin DD-601 D
USS Meade DD-602 D
USS Murphy DD-603 D
USS Parker DD-604 D
USS Caldwell DD-605
USS Coghlan DD-606 D
USS Frazier DD-607
USS Gansevoort DD-608 D
USS Gillespier DD-609 D
USS Hobby DD-610 D
USS Kalk DD-611 D
USS Kendrick DD-612 D
USS Laub DD-613 D
USS MacKenzie DD-614 D
USS McLanahan DD-615 D
USS McLanahan DD-616 D
USS Ororonaux DD-617 D
USS Davison DD-618 D
USS Edwards DD-619
USS Glennon DD-620
USS Jeffers DD-621 D
USS Maddox DD-622 D
USS Nelson DD-623 D
USS Baldwin DD-624
USS Harding DD-625 D
USS Thompson DD-627 D
USS Welles DD-628
USS Abbot DD-629
USS Brain DD-630
USS Erben DD-631
USS Cowie DD-632 D
USS Knight DD-633 D
USS Doran DD-634 D
USS Earle DD-635 D
USS Butler DD-636
USS Herndon DD-638
USS Shubrick DD-639 D
USS Beatty DD-640 D
USS Tillman DD-641
USS Hale DD-642
USS Sigourney DD-643
USS Stembel DD-644
USS Stevenson DD-645 D
USS Stockton DD-646 D
USS Thorn DD-647 D
USS Turner DD-648 D
USS Albert W. Grant DD-649 D
USS Caperton DD-650
USS Cogswell DD-651
USS Ingersoll DD-652
USS  Knapp DD-653
USS Bearss DD-654
USS John Hood DD-655
USS Van Valkenburgh DD-656
USS Charles J. Badger DD-657
USS Colahan DD-658
USS Dashiell DD-659
USS Bullard DD-660
USS Kidd DD-661
USS Bennion DD-662
USS Heywood L. Edwards DD-663
USS Richard P. Leary DD-664
USS Bryant DD-665 D
USS Black DD-666
USS Chauncey DD-667
USS C.K. Bronson DD-668
USS Cotton DD-669
USS Dortch DD-670
USS Gatling DD-671
USS Healy DD-672
USS Hickox DD-673
USS Hunt DD-674
USS Lewis Hancock DD-675
USS Marshall DD-676
USS McDermut DD-677
USS McGowan DD-678
USS McNair DD-679
USS Melvin DD-680
USS Hopewell DD-681
USS Porterfield DD-682
USS Stockam DD-683
USS Wedderburn DD-684
USS Picking DD-685
USS Halsey Powell DD-686
USS Uhlmann DD-687
USS Remey DD-688
USS Wadleigh DD-689
USS Norman Scott DD-690 D
USS Mertz DD-691
USS Allen M. Sumner DD-692 F
USS Moale DD-693 F
USS Ingraham DD-694 F
USS Cooper DD-695
USS English DD-696
USS Charles S. Sperry DD-697 F cF
USS Ault DD-698 F
USS Waldron DD-699 F
USS Haynsworth DD-700
USS John W. Weeks DD-701 c
USS Hank DD-702 c
USS Wallace A. Lind DD-703 F
USS Borie DD-704 F cF
USS Compton DD-705
USS Gainard DD-706
USS Soley DD-707
USS Harlan R. Dickson DD-708
USS Hugh Purvis DD-709 F
USS Gearing DD-710 F
USS Eugene A. Greene DD-711 F cF
USS Gyatt DD-712 c
USS Gyatt DDG-712
USS Kenneth D. Bailey DD-713
USS William R. Rush DD-714 cF
USS William M. Wood DD-715 F cF
USS Wiltsie DD-716 F
USS Theo. E. Chandler DD-717 F
USS Hamner DD-718 F
USS Epperson DD-719 F
USS Barton DD-722
USS Walke DD-723 F
USS Laffey DD-724 F cF
USS O'Brien DD-725 F
USS Meredith DD-726
USS De Haven DD-727
USS Mansfield DD-728
USS Lyman K. Swenson DD-729 F
USS Collett DD-730 F
USS Maddox DD-731
USS Hyman DD-732
USS Mannert L. Abele DD-733
USS Purdy DD-734
USS Drexler DD-741
USS Frank Knox DD-742
USS Southerland DD-743
USS Blue DD-744
USS Brush DD-745
USS Taussig DD-746 F
USS Samuel L. Moore DD-747
USS Harry E. Hubbard DD-748
USS A.A. Cunningham DD-752 F
USS John R. Pierce DD-753
USS Frank E. Evans DD-754 F
USS John A. Bole DD-755
USS Beatty DD-756 cF
USS Putnam DD-757 F cF
USS Strong DD-758 F cF
USS Lofberg DD-759 F
USS John W. Thomason DD-760
USS Buck DD-761 F
USS Henley DD-762 c
USS William C. Lawe DD-763 F
USS Lloyd Thomas DD-764 F
USS Keppler DD-765 F cF
USS Lowry DD-770 F cF
USS Hugh M. Hadley DD-774
USS Willard Keith DD-775
USS James C. Owens DD-776 F
USS Zellers DD-777 F cF
USS Massey DD-778 F cF
USS Douglas H. Fox DD-779 F cF
USS Stormes DD-780 F cF
USS R.K. Huntington DD-781 F
USS Rowan DD-782
USS Gurke DD-783
USS McKean DD-784 F
USS Henderson DD-785 F
USS R.B. Anderson DD-786 F
USS James E. Kyes DD-787 F
USS Hollister DD-788 F
USS Eversole DD-789 F
USS Shelton DD-790 F
USS Callaghan DD-792
USS Cassin Young DD-793
USS Irwin DD-794
USS Preston DD-795
USS Benham DD-796
USS Cushing DD-797
USS Monssen DD-798
USS Jarvis DD-799
USS Porter DD-800
USS Gregory DD-802
USS Little DD-803
USS Rooks DD-804
USS Chevalier DD-805 F
USS Higbee DD-806 F
USS Benner DD-807 F
USS Dennis J. Buckley DD-808 F
USS Corry  DD-817 F cF
USS New DD-818 F cF
USS Holder DD-819 F
USS Rich DD-820 F cF
USS Johnston DD-821 F cF
USS Robert H. McCard DD-822 F cF
USS Samuel B. Roberts DD-823 F cF
USS Basiline DD-824 F cF
USS Carpenter DD-825
USS Agerholm DD-826
USS Robert A. Owens DD-827 F cF
USS Myles C. Fox DD-829 F cF
USS Everett F. Larson DD-830 F
USS Goodrich DD-831 cF
USS Hanson DD-832 F
USS Herbert J. Thomas DD-833
USS Turner DD-834
USS Charles P. Cecil DD-835 F cF
USS Geo. K. Mackenzie DD-836
USS Sarsfield DD-837 F
USS Ernest G. Small DD-838
USS Power DD-839 F
USS Glennon DD-840
USS Noa DD-841 F
USS Fiske DD-842 F cF
USS Warrington DD-843 F
USS Perry DD-844 F
USS Baussell DD-845
USS Ozbourn DD-846 F
USS Robert L. Wilson DD-847 F cF
USS Witek DD-848
USS Richard E. Kraus DD-849 F
USS Joseph P. Kennedy DD-850 F
USS Rupertus DD-851
USS Leonard F. Mason DD-852
USS Charles H. Roan DD-853 F
USS Bristol DD-857
USS Fred. T. Berry DD-858 F
USS Norris DD-859 F
USS McCaffery DD-860 F
USS Harwood DD-861 F
USS Vogelgesang DD-862 F cF
USS Steinaker DD-863 F cF
USS Harold J. Ellison DD-864 F cF
USS Charles R. Ware DD-865 F
USS Cone DD-866 F cF
USS Stribling DD-867 F
 USS Brownson DD-868 F cF
USS Arnold J. Isbell DD-869 F
USS Fechteler DD-870
USS Damato DD-871 F cF
USS Forrest Royal DD-872 F
USS Hawkins DD-873 F cF
USS Duncan DD-874
USS Henry W. Tucker DD-875
USS Rogers DD-876 F
USS Perkins DD-877
USS Vesole DD-878 F cF
USS Leary DD-879 F cF
USS Dyess DD-880 F cF
USS Bordelon DD-881 F
USS Furse DD-882 F  cF
USS Newman K. Perry DD-883 F cF
USS Frank B. Parks Dd-884 F
USS John R. Craig DD-885 F
USS Orleck DD-886 F
USS Brinkley Bass DD-887 F
USS Stickell DD-888 F
USS O'Hare DD-889 F cF
USS Meredith DD-890 F
USS Forrest Sherman DD-931 c
USS John Paul Jones DD-932 c
USS Barry DD-933 c
USS DD-935 ex Ger. T-35 d
USS Decatur DD-936
USS Davis DD-937 c
USS Jonas Ingram DD-938 c
USS DD-939 ex Ger Z-39 d
USS Manley DD-940 c
USS Du Pont DD-941 c
USS Bigelow DD-942 c
USS Blandy DD-943 c
USS Mullinix DD-944 c
USS Hull DD-945
USS Edson DD-946 c
USS Somers DD-947
USS Morton DD-948 c
USS Parsons DD-949
USS Richard S. Edwards DD-950 c
USS Turner Joy DD-951
USS Spruance DD-963 c only
USS Kinkaid DD-965 d
USS Hewitt DD-966 d
USS Elliott DD-967 d
USS Arthur W. Radford DD-968 c only
USS Peterson DD-969 c only
USS Caron DD-970 c only
USS Olendorf DD-972 d
USS Comte de Grasse DD-974 c only
USS Briscoe DD-977 c only
USS Stump DD-978 c only
USS Conolly DD-979 c only
USS Moosebrugger DD-980 c only
USS John Hancock DD-981 c only
USS Nicholson DD-982 c only
USS John Rodgers DD-983 c only
USS Cushing DD-985 d
USS O'Bannon DD-987 c only
USS Thorn DD-988 c only
USS Deyo DD-989 c only
USS Fife DD-991 d
USS Fletcher DD-992 d
USS Kidd DDG-993 c only
USS Scott DDG-995 c only
USS Hayler DD-997 c only



USS Norfolk DL-1 c
USS Mitscher DL-2
USS John S. McCain DL-3
USS Willis A. Lee DL-4
USS Wilkinson DL-5
USS Farragut DLG-6
USS Luce DLG-7
USS MacDonough DLG-8
USS Coontz DLG-9
USS King DLG-10
USS Mahan DLG-11
USS Dahlgren DLG-12c
USS William V. Pratt DLG-13c
USS Dewey DLG-14c
USS Preble DLG-15
USS Boston CAG-1 c
USS Canberra CAG-2
USS Galveston CLG-3
USS Little Rock CLG-4c
USS Oklahoma City CLG-5
USS Providence CLG-6
USS Springfield CLG-7c
USS Topeka CLG-8
USS Long Beach CLG(N)9c
USS Albany CG-10c
USS Chicago CG-11
USS Columbus CG-12c
USS Leahy CG-16c
USS Harry E. Yarnell CG-17c
USS Worden CG-18 d
USS Dale CG-19c
USS Richmond K. Turner CG-20c
USS Gridley CG-21
USS England CG-22c
USS Halsey CG-23c
USS Reeves CG-24c
USS Bainbridge CGN-25c
USS Belknap CG-26c
USS Josephus Daniels CG-27c
USS Wainwright CG-28c
USS Horne CG-30 d
USS Sterrett CG-31
USS William H. Standley CG-32c
USS Biddle CG-34c
USS Truxtun CGN-35c
USS California CGN-36c
USS South Carolina CGN-37c only
USS Virginia CGN-38c only
USS Texas CGN-39 c only
USS Mississippi CGN-40 c only
USS Arkansas CGN-41 c only
USS Ticonderoga CG-47 c only
USS Yorktown CG-48 c only
USS Vincennes CG-49 c only
USS Thomas s. Gates CG-5l c only
USS Bunker Hill CG-52 c only
USS Mobile Bay CG-53 d
USS Antietam CG-54 d
USS Leyte Gulf CG-55 C only
YSS San Jacinto CG-56 c only
USS Lake Champlain CG-57 c only
USS Philippine Sea CG-58 c only
USS Princeton CG-59 d
USS Normandy CG-60 c only
USS Monterey CG-61 c only
USS Chancellorsville CG-62 d
USS Cowpens CG-63 c only
USS Gettysburg CG-64 c only
USS Chosin CG-65 d
USS Hue City CG-66 c only
USS Shiloh CG-67 c only
USS Anzio CG-68 c only
USS Vicksburg CG-69 c only
USS Cape St. George CG-71 c only
USS Vella Gulf CG-72 c only
USS Port Royal CG-73 c only
USS Alaska CB-1
USS Guam CB-2
USS Omaha CL-4
USS  Milwaukee CL-5
USS Cincinnati CL-6 D
USS Raleigh CL-7 D
USS Detroit CL-8 D
USS Richmond CL-9
USS Concord CL-10 D
USS Memphis CL-13
USS Philadelphia CL-41 D
USS Savannah CL-42
USS Nashville CL-43
USS  St. Louis CL-49
USS Atlanta CL-51
USS San Diego CL-53
USS San Juan CL-54 d
USS Columbia CL-56 D
USS Montpelier CL-57
USS Santa Fe CL-60
USS Birmingham CL-62 D
USS Mobile CL-63
USS Pasadena CL-65
USS Springfield CL-66
USS Topeka CL-67
USS Providence CL-82 D
USS Manchester CL-83
USS Vicksburg CL-86
USS Duluth CL-87
USS Miami CL-89
USS Astoria CL-90
USS Oklahoma City CL-91
USS Little Rock CL-92
USS Galveston CL-93 D
USS Oakland CL-95
USS Flint CL-97
USS Tucson CL-98
USS Amsterdam CL-101
USS Atlanta CL-104
USS Juneau CL-119
USS Spokane CL-120
USS Oregon City CL-122
USS Worcester CL-144
USS Roanoke CL-145
USS Brooklyn CA-3
USS Pensacola CA-24
USS Louisville CA-28 D
USS New Orleans CA-32
USS Portland CA-33
USS Tuscaloosa CA-37
USS San Francisco CA-38
USS Vincennes CA-44
USS Baltimore CA-68
USS Boston CA-69
USS Canberra CA-70
USS Quincy CA-71
USS Pittsburgh CA-72
USS Saint Paul CA-73 c
USS Columbus CA-74
USS Helena CA-75
USS Albany CA-123
USS Rochester CA-124
USS Bremerton CA-130
USS Fall River CA-131
USS Macon CA-132
USS Toledo CA-133
USS Des Moines CA-134
USS Los Angeles CA-135
USS Chicago CA-136
USS Salem CA-139
USS Newport News CA-148 c
USS Gyatt DDG-1
USS Charles F. Adams DDG-2c
USS John King DDG-3c
USS Lawrence DDG-4c
USS Biddle DDG-5
USS Claude V. Ricketts DDG-5c
USS Barney DDG-6c
USS Henry B. Wilson DDG-7
USS Lynde McCormick DDG-8
USS Towers DDG-9
USS Sampson DDG-10c
USS Sellers DDG-11c
USS Robison DDG-12
USS Hoel DDG-13
USS Buchanan DDG-14
USS Berkeley DDG-15
USS Joseph Strauss DDG-16
USS Conyngham DDG-17c
USS Semmes DDG-18c
USS Tatnall DDG-19c
USS Goldsborough DDG-20
USS Cochrane DDG-21
USS Benjamin Stoddert DDG-22
USS Richard E. Byrd DDG-23c
USS Waddell DDG-24
USS Decatur DDG-31c
USS John Paul Jones DDG-32
USS Parsons DDG-33
USS Mitscher DDG-35c
USS Farragut DDG-37 c only
USS Luce DDG-38 c only
USS Macdonough DDG-39 c only
USS Coontz DDG-40 c only
USS King DDG-41 c only
USS Mahan DDG-42 c only
USS Dahlgren DDG-43 c only
USS Wm. V. Pratt DDG-44 c only
USS Dewey DDG-45 c only
USS Preble DDG-46 c only
USS Arleigh Burke DDG-51 c only
USS Barry DDG-52 c only
USS John Paul Jones DDG-53 c only
USS Curtis Wilbur DDG-54 c d
USS Stout DDG-55 c only
USS John S. McCain DDG-56 c only
USS Mitscher DDG-57 c only
USS Laboon DDG-58 c only
USS Russell DDG-59 c only
USS Paul Hamilton DDG-60 c d
USS Ramage DDG-61 c only
USS Carney DDG-64 c only
USS Gonzalez DDG-66 c only
USS Cole DDG-67 c only
USS The Sullivans DDG-68 c only
USS Milius DDG-69 c d
USS Ross DDG-71 c
USS Mahan DDG-72 c only
USS McFaul DDG-74 c d
USS Donald Cook DDG-75 c only
USS Higgins DDG-76 c d
USS O'Kane DDG-77 c d
USS Porter DDG-78 c only
USS Oscar Austin DDG-79 c d
USS Roosevelt DDG-80 c d
USS Winston S. Churchill DDG-81 c only
USS Shoup DDG-86 c d
USS Mason DDG-87 c d
USS Preble DDG-88 c d
USS Mustin DDG-89 c d
USS Chafee DDG-90 c d
USS Pinckney DDG-91 c d
USS Chung - Hoon DDG-93 c d
USS Brooke FFG-1
USS Ramsey FFG-2
USS Schofield FFG-3
USS Talbot FFG-4c
USS Richard L. Page FFG-5c
USS Julius A. Furer FFG-6c
USS Oliver Hazard Perry FFG-7 c only
USS McInerney FFG-8 c only
USS Clark FFG-11 c only
USS Samuel Eliot Morison FFG-13 c only
USS John H. Sides FFG-14 c only
USS Estocin FFG -15 c only
USS Clifton Sprague FFG-16 c only
USS Antrim FFG-20 c only
USS Flatley FFG-21 c only
USS Fahrion FFG-22 c only
USS Jack Williams FFG 24 c only
USS Gallery FFG-26 c only
USS Boone FFG-28 c only
USS Stephen W. Groves FFG 29 c only
USS  Stark FFG-31 c only
USS John L. Hall FFG-32 c only
USS Jarrett FFG-33 c only
USS Aubrey Fitch FFG-34 c only
USS Underwood FFG-36 c only
USS Crommelin FFG-37 D
USS Doyle FFG-39 c only
USS Halyburton FFG-40 c only
USS McCluskey FFG-41 d
USS Klakring FFG -42 c only
USS Thatch FFG-43 d
USS De Wert FFG-45 c only
USS Nicholas FFG-47 c only
USS Vandegrift FFG-48 d
USS Robert G. Bradley FFG-49 c only
USS Taylor FFG-=50 c only
USS Gary FFG-51 d
USS Carr FFG-52 c only
USS Hawes FFG-53 c only
USS Ford FFG-54 c only
USS Elrod FFG-55 c only
USS Simpson FFG-56 c only
USS Reuben James FFG-57 d
USS Samuel B. Roberts FFG-58 c only
USS Kauffman FFG-59 c only
USS Rodney M. Davis FFG-60 c only
USS Catskill LSV-1
USS Ozark LSV-2
USS Ozark MSC-2 c
USS Ashland LSD-1
USS Belle Grove LSD-2
USS Carter Hall LSD-3
USS Epping Forest LSD-4
USS Gunston Hall LSD-5
USS Lindenwald LSD-6
USS Oak Hill LSD-7
USS White Marsh LSD-8
USS Casa Grande LSD-13
USS Rushmore LSD-14
USS Shadwell LSD-15 c
USS Cabildo LSD-16
USS Catamount LSD-17
USS Colonial LSD-18
USS Comstock LSD-19
USS Donner LSD-20
USS Fort Mandan LSD-21 c
USS Fort Marion LSD-22
USS San Marcos LSD-25 c
USS Tortuga LSD-26
USS Whetstone LSD-27
USS Thomaston LSD-28
USS Plymouth Rock LSD-29 c
USS Fort Snelling LSD-30 c
USS Point Defiance LSD-31
USS Spiegel Grove LSD-32 c
USS Alamo LSD-33
USS Hermitage LSD-34 c
USS Monticello LSD-35
USS Anchorage LSD-36
USS Portland LSD-37
USS Pensacola LSD-38 c
USS Mount Vernon LSD-39
USS Fort Fisher LSD-40 c
USS Whidbey Island LSD-41 c only
USS Germantown LSD-42 c
USS Fort McHenry LSD-43 c
USS Gunston Hall  LSD-44 c only
USS Comstock LSD-45 c
USS Tortuga LSD-46 c only
USS Rushmore LSD-47 c
USS Ashland LSD-48 c only
USS Harpers Ferry LSD-49 c
USS Carter Hall LSD-50 c only
USS Oak Hill LSD-51 c
USS Pearl Harbor LSD-52 c



USS Raleigh LPD-1 c
USS Vancouver LPD-2
USS LaSalle LPD-3 c
USS Austin LPD-4 c
USS Ogden LPD-5
USS Duluth LPD-6
USS Cleveland LPD-7
USS Dubuque LPD-8
USS Denver LPD-9
USS Juneau LPD-10
USS Coronado LPD-11 c
USS Shreveport LPD-12 c
USS Nashville LPD-13 c
USS Trenton LPD-14 c
USS Ponce LPD-15 c
USS San Antonio LPD 17 4 29 05
USS Thetis Bay CVHA-1
USS Iwo Jima LPH-2c
USS Okinawa LPH-3
USS Boxer LPH-4
USS Princeton LPH-5
USS Thetis Bay LPH-6
USS Guadalcanal LPH-7c
USS  Valley Forge LPH-8
USS Guam LPH-9c
USS New Orleans LPH-11
USS Inchon LPH-12c
USS Inchon MCS-12 c only
USS Tarawa LHA-1
USS Saipan LHA-2 only
USS Belleau Wood LHA-3c
USS Nassau LHA-4c only
USS Peleliu LHA-5  D
USS Wasp LHD-1 c only
USS Essex LHD-2 D
USS Kearsarge LHD-3 c only
USS Boxer LHD-4 D
USS Bataan LHD-5 c only
USS Bon Homme Richard LHD-6 D
USS Iwo Jima LHD-7
USS Indiana BB-1 d
USS Massachusetts BB-2 d
USS Kearsarge BB-5
USS Kentucky BB-6
USS Illinois BB-7 d
USS Wisconsin BB-9
USS Missouri BB-11
USS Ohio BB-12
USS Virginia BB-13 d
USS Nebraska BB-14 d
USS Rhode Island BB-17
USS Connecticut BB-18 d
USS Vermont BB-20
USS Kansas BB-21
USS Minnesota BB-22
USS New Hampshire BB-25 D
USS Wyoming BB-32 D
USS New York BB-34
USS Texas BB-35
USS Nevada BB-36
USS Oklahoma BB-37
USS Arizona BB-39
USS West Virginia BB-48
USS North Carolina BB-55
USS Washington BB-56
USS South Dakota BB-57 D
USS Indiana BB-58
USS Massachusetts BB-59
USS Alabama BB-60
USS Iowa BB-61 c
USS IOWA BB-61 firing guns c only
USS New Jersey BB-62 c
USS Missouri BB-63
USS Wisconsin BB-64 c
BB-64 undertow by USNS Powhatan 10-17-96 from Philly to Norfolk c only
USS Long Island CVE-1
USS Card CVE (ACV) 11 D
USS Copahee CVE (ACV) 12 D
USS Core CVE (ACV) 13 D
USS Nassau CVE-16
USS Altamaha CVE-18
USS Barnes CVE (ACV) 20 D
USS Block Island CVE (ACV) 21 D
USS Breton CVE (ACV) 23 D
USS Crotan CVE (ACV) 25 D
French AKV-43 ex Crotan CVE-25
USS Sangamon CVE (ACV) 26 D
USS Chenango CVE (ACV) 28 D
USS Santee CVE (ACV) 29 D
USS Charger CVE (ACV) 30 D
USS Prince William CVE (ACV) 31 D
USS Casablanca CVE-55
USS Anzio CVE-57
USS Corregidor CVE-58
USS Natoma Bay CVE-62
USS St. Lo CVE-63
USS Tripoli CVE-64
USS Wake Island CVE-65 D
USS White Plains CVE-66
USS Fanshaw Bay CVE-70 D
USS Nehenta CVE-74
USS Savo Island CVE-78 D
USS Petrof Bay CVE-80
USS Saginaw Bay CVE-82
USS Sargent Bay CVE-83
USS Shipley Bay CVE-85
USS Sitkoh Bay CVE-86
USS Cape Esperance CVE-88
USS Windham Bay CVE-92
USS Makin Island CVE-93
USS Lunga Point CVE-94
USS Bismarck Sea CVE-95
USS Salamaua CVE-96
USS Kwajalein CVE-98
USS Admiralty Islands CVE-99
USS Bougainville CVE-100
USS Matanikau CVE-101
USS Roi CVE-103
USS Munda CVE-104
USS Block Island CVE-106
USS Gilbert Islands CVE-107
USS Kula Gulf CVE-108
USS Cape Gloucester CVE-109
USS Selerno Bay CVE-110
USS Vella Gulf CVE-111
USS Siboney CVE-112
USS Rendova CVE-114
USS Bairoko CVE-115
USS Badoeng Strait CVE-116
USS Sicily CVE-118
USS Point Cruz CVE-119
USS Mindoro CVE-120
USS Palau CVE-122
USS Langley CV-1
USS Lexington CV-2
USS Saratoga CV-3
USS Ranger CV-4
USS Yorktown CV-5
USS Enterprise CV-6
USS Wasp CV-7
USS Hornet CV-8
USS Essex CV-9 c
USS Yorktown CV-10 c
USS Intrepid CV-11 c
USS Hornet CV-12
USS Franklin CV-13
USS Ticinderoga CV-14
USS Randolph CV-15 c
USS Lexington CV-16
USS Bunker Hill CV-17
USS Wasp CV-18 c
USS Hancock CV-19
USS Benington CV-20
USS Boxer CV-21
USS Independence CVL-22
USS Princeton CVL-23
USS Cowpens CVL-25
USS Monterey CVL-26
USS Langley CVL-27
USS Cabot CVL-28
USS Bataan CVL-29
USS Bon Homme Richard CV-31
USS Leyte CV-32
USS Kearsarge CV-33
USS Oriskany CV-34
USS Antietam CV-36
USS Princeton CV-37
USS Shangri-La CV-38 c
USS Lake Champlain CV-39
USS Tarawa CV-40
USS Midway CV-41 c
USS Franklin D. Roosevelt CV-42c
USS Coral Sea CV-43 c
USS Valley Forge CV-45
USS Philippine Sea CV-47
USS Saipan CVL-48
USS Wright CVL-49
USS Forrestal CV-59 c
USS Saratoga CV-60 c
USS Ranger CV-61
USS Independence CV-62 c
USS Kitty Hawk CV-63
USS Constellation CV-64 c
USS Enterprise CVN-65
USS America CV-66 c
USS John F. Kennedy CV-67 c
USS Nimitz CVN-68 c only
USS Dwight D. Eisenhower CVN-69 c only
USS Carl Vinson CVN-70 c only
USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71 c only
USS Abraham Lincoln CVN-72 c only
USS George Washington CVN-73 c only
USS John C. Stennis CVN-74 c only
USS Harry S. Truman CVN-75 c only
USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76 c only
USS SS89 R12 D
USS 143 (S 38) D
USS 159 (S 48) D
USS Bass SS-164 D
USS Argonaut SS-166 D
USS Cuttlefish SS-171 D
USS Porpoise SS-172 D
USS Pike SS-173 D
USS Tarpon SS-175 D
USS Perch SS-176 D
USS Pompano SS-181 D
USS Salmon SS-182 D
USS Seal SS-183 D
USS Skipjack SS-184 D
USS Snapper SS-185
USS Stingray SS-186 D
USS Sturgeon SS-187 D
USS Sargo SS-188 D
USS Saury SS-189 D
USS Spearfish SS-190 D
USS Sculpin SS-191 D
USS Sailfish SS-192 D
USS Seadragon SS-194 D
USS Searaven SS-196
USS Seawolf SS-197 D
USS Tambor SS-198 D
USS Tautog SS-199 D
USS Thresher SS-200 D
USS Trout SS-202 D
USS Tuna SS-203
USS Mackeral SS-204 D
USS Marlin SS-205 D
USS Gar SS-206 D
USS Grampus SS-207 D
USS Grayback SS-208 D
USS Grayling SS-209 D
USS Gudgeon SS-211 D
USS Gato SS-212 D
USS Greenling SS-213 D
USS Grouper SS-214
USS Growler SS-215 D
USS Grunion SS-2l6 D
USS Guardfish SS-217 D
USS Albacore SS-218 D
USS Amberjack SS-219 D
USS Barb  SS-220 D
USS Cod SS-224 D
USS Cero SS-225 D
USS Drum SS-228 D
USS Flying Fish SS-229 D
USS Flying Fish SS AG 229 D
USS Halibut SS-232 D
USS Herring SS-233 D
USS Kingfish SS-234 D
USS Shad SS-235 D
USS Silversides SS-236 D
USS Trigger SS-237 D
USS Wahoo SS-238 D
USS Whale SS-239 D
USS Bashaw SS-241
USS Bluegill SS-242
USS Bream SS-243
USS Cavalla SS-244
USS Croaker SS-246
USS Dace SS-247 D
USS Flier SS-250 D
USS Flounder SS-251 D
USS Gunnel SS-253 D
USS Gurnard SS-254 D
USS Haddo SS-255 D
USS Hake SS-256
USS Harder SS-257 D
USS Hoe SS-258 D
USS Jack SS-259 D
USS Lapon SS-260 D
USS Mingo SS-261 D
USS Muskallounge SS-262 D
USS Paddie SS-263 D
USS Parge SS-264 D
USS Pogy SS-266 D
USS Pompon SS-267
USS Puffer SS-268 D
USS Rasher SS-269
USS Raton SS-270
USS Ray SS-271
USS Redfin SS-272
USS Robalo SS-273 D
USS Rock SS-274
USS Runner SS-275 D
USS Sawfish SS-276 D
USS Snook SS-279 D
USS Steelhead SS-280 D
USS Sunfish SS-281 D
USS Tunny SS-282
USS Tinosa SS-283 D
USS Tullibee SS-284
USS Balao SS-285
USS Bowfin SS-287 D
USS Crevalle SS-291
USS Dragonet SS-293 D
USS Hackleback SS-295 D
USS Ling SS-297 D
USS Sabalo SS-302
USS Sablefish SS-303
USS Seahorse SS-304
USS Skate SS-305
USS Tang SS-306
USS Tilefish SS-307
USS Apogon SS-308
USS Aspro SS-309
USS Batfish SS-310
USS Archer Fish SS-311
USS Burfish SS-312
USS Perch SS-313
USS Sealion SS-315 c
USS Becuna SS-319
USS Bergall SS-320
USS Besugo SS-321
USS Blackfin SS-322
USS Caiman SS-323
USS Blenny SS-324
USS Blower SS-325
USS Blueback SS-326
USS Charr SS-328
USS Bugara SS-331
USS Cabezon SS-334
USS Dentuda SS-335
USS Capitaine SS-336
USS Carbonero SS-337
USS Carp SS-338
USS Catfish SS-339
USS Endemedor SS-340
USS Chivo SS-341
USS Clamagore SS-343
USS Cobbler SS-344
USS Cubera SS-347
USS Cusk SS-348
USS Diodon SS-349
USS Dogfish SS-350
USS Greenfish SS-351
USS Halfbeak SS-352
USS Hardhead SS-365
USS Jallao SS-368
USS Kete SS-369 D
USS Lamprey SS-372
USS Lizardfish SS-373 D
USS Loggerhead SS-374 D
USS Mapiro SS-376 D
USS Menhaden SS-377
USS Sand Lance SS-381 D
USS Pampanito SS-383 (as museum ship SF)D
USS Parche SS-384
USS Bang SS-385
USS Pomfret SS-391
USS Sterlet SS-392
USS Queenfish SS-393
USS Razorback SS-394
USS Redfish SS-395
USS Ronquil SS-396
USS Scabbardfish SS-397
USS Segundo SS-398
USS Sea Cat SS-399
USS Sea Devil SS-400
USS Sea Dog SS-401
USS Sea Fox SS-402
USS Atule SS-403
USS Spikefish SS-404
USS Sea Owl SS-405
USS Sea Poacher SS-406 D
USS Sea Robin SS-407
USS Piper SS-409
USS Threadfin SS-410
USS Spadefish SS-411 D
USS Trepang SS-412 D
USS Spot SS-413 D
USS Springer SS-414 D
USS Stickleback SS-415
USS Tiru SS-416
USS Tench SS-417
USS Thornback SS-418 D
USS Tigrone SS-419
USS Tirante SS-420
USS Toro SS-422
USS Torsk SS-423
USS Quillback SS-424
USS Trumpetfish SS-425
USS Corsair SS-435 D
USS Argonaut SS-475 c
USS Runner SS-476 c
USS Conger SS-477
USS Cutlass SS-478 c
USS Diablo SS-479
USS Medregal SS-480
USS Requin SS-481
USS Irex SS-482
USS Sea Leopard SS-483
USS Odax SS-484
USS Sirago SS-485
USS Pomodon SS-486
USS Remora SS-487
USS Sarda SS-488
USS Spinaz SS-489
USS Volador SS-490
USS Amberjack SS-522 D
USS Grampus SS-523 c
USS Grenadier SS-525
USS Tang SS-563
USS Trigger SS-564
USS Wahoo SS-565
USS Trout SS-566
USS Grudgeon SS-567
USS Nautilius SSN-571
USS Sailfish SS-572
USS Salmon SS-573
USS Grayback SS-574
USS Skate SSN-578
USS Swordfish SSN-579
USS Barbel SS-580
USS Bonefish SS-582 c only
USS Sargo SSN-583
USS Skipjack SSN-585
USS Triton SSN-586 c
USS Halibut SSN-587
USS Scamp SSN-588
USS Scorpion SSN-589
USS Sculpin SSN-590
USS Shark SSN-591
USS Snook SSN-592
USS Permit SSN-594 D
USS Barb SSN-596
USS Theodore Roosevelt SSBN-600
USS Haddo SSN-604
USS Dace SSN-607
USS Flasher SSN-613
USS Gato SSN-615 c only
USS Andrew Jackson SSBN-619 c
USS James Monroe SSBN-622
USS Woodrow Wilson SSBN-624
USS James Madison SSBN-627
USS Daniel Boone SSBN-629 c only
USS John C. Calhoun SSBN-630 c
USS Von Steuben SSBN-632 c only
USS Nathanael Greene SSBN-636
USS Ray SSN-653
USS George Washington Carver SSBN-656 c only
USS Lapon SSN-661
USS Gurnard SSN-662
USS Hammerhead SSN-663
USS Sea Devil SSN-664
USS Bergall SSN-667 c only
USS Flying Fish SSN-673
USS Blue Fish SSN-675 c
USS Billfish SSN-676 c only
USS San Francisco SSN-711 c only
USS Atlanta SSN-712 c only
USS Norfolk SSN-714 c only
USS Honolulu SSN-718 c only
USS Helena SSN-725 c only
USS Boise SSN -764  c only  D
USS Virginia SSN-774 D
USS Hannibal AG-1  D
USS Wyoming AG-17 D
USS Boggs AG-19  D
USS Sequoia AG-23 D
USS Semmes AG-24 D
USS Bear AG-29  D
USS Bowditch AG-30 D
USS Argonne AG-31 D
USS Kaula AG-33  D
USS Granville S. Hall AG-40
USS  Camanga AG-42
USS Malanao AG-44 D
USS Taganak AG-45 D
USS Tuluran AG-46 D
USS Anacapa AG-49
USS Besboro AG-66 D
USS Antaeus AG-67  D
USS Basilan AG-68  D
USS Burias AG-69  D
USS Zaniah AG-70 D
USS Baham AG-71
USS Parris Island AG-72  D
USS Belle Isle  AG-73 D
USS Coasters Harbor AG-74  D
USS Avery Island AG-76
USS Indian Island AG-77
USS Kent Island AG-78
USS San Clemente AG-79 exAV-1
USS DuPont AG-80 D
USS Kennison AG-83  D
USS Hatfield AG-84 D
USS H.T. Allen AG-90 exAPA15
USS Broome AG-96 D
USS Mississippi AG-128
USS Elba AG-132 D
USS Ryer AG-138 D
USS Proton AG-147 D
USS Richard E. Kraus AG-151
USS Timmerman AG-152
USS Compass Island AG-153 c
USS Observation Island AG-154
USS Oxford AG-159
USS Georgetown AG-165
USS Peregrine AG-176
Cove MSI-1
Diamond TWR-1
Recruit TDE-1
USS Eagle 48 (PE 48) D
YTB-181 w/APA 58
YTB-766 c only
YTB-770 c only
YTB-790 c only
YTB-793 c only
YTB-809 c only
YTB-821  c only
YTB-827 c only
YTB-827 & YTB-770 paired, stern view c only
USS Okala ARS T-2

Naubul YRST-4

LCI-20 d
LCI-84 d
LCI-90 d
LCI-97 d
LCI-191 d
LCI-226 d
LCI-239 d
LCI-327 d
LCI-332 d
LCI-354 d
LCI-355 d
LCI 368 d
LCI 398 d
LCI 402 d
LCI 424 d
LCI-428 d
LCI-436 d
LCI-486 d
LCI-501 d
LCI-538 d
LCI-549 d
LCI-551 d
LCI-561 d
LCI-568 d
LCI-580 d
LCI-615 d
LCI-620 d
LCI-672 d
LCI-691 d
LCI-726 d
LCI 736 d
LCI-769 d
LCI 791 d
LCI-879 d
LCI 881 d
LCI-952 d
LCI-1014 d
LCI-1025 d
LCI-1078 d
USS Avocet AMCU-16
USS Gull AMCU-26
USS Oriole AMCU-33
USS Tacloban PG-22
PCER-867 D
PC-537 D
PC-546 D
PC-1169 & 1244
PC-1230 D
Calumet WYT-86
SC -1360 D
PY 27 Girasol D
LLAC 38 c only
LLAC 39 c only
Marine Angel
Marine Cardinal
Marine Devil
Marine Dragon
Marine Eagle
Marine Falcon
Marine Flyer
Marine Fox
Marine Jumper
Marine Leopard
Marine Panther
Marine Robin
Marine Serpent
Marine Snapper
Marine Star
Marine Swallow
Marine Wolf
President McKinley
President Madison
President Pierce
President Taft
John W. Weeks (WW11 Army)
Marigold (Army Hospital ship)
Dan C. Kingman (Army )
Goethals ( Army)
Golden Bear
William Paca
John W. Troy
De Sota
Sea Blenny
Hawaiin Banker
Edward Chambers
Colgate Victory
Pocahontas ( Chesapeake Bay ferry)
Queen of Bermuda
USS Dover IX-0 ex PG 8
USS Wolverine IX-64 D
USS Blue Dolphin IX-65
USS Migrant IX-66 D
USS Zaca IX-73 D
USS Juniata IX-77 D
USS Irene Foresyte IX-93
USS Richard Peck IX-96 D
USS Ocelot IX-110 D
USS Orvetia IX-157 D
USS Curlew IX-170 D
USS Grumium IX-174 D
USS Kingbird IX -176 D
USS Big Horn IX-207 D
Prinz Eugen IX-300
Gosport IX-517 c only
USS Indus AKN 1 D
USS Sagittarius AKN 2 D
USS Keokuk AKN 4  D
USS Zebra AKN 5  D
USS Kitty Hawk APV-1 D
USS Hammondsport APV 2 D
USS Lakehurst APV 3 D
USS Redbird AKL 398 D
USS Williamson AVD-2D
USS Greene AVD-13 D
USS Terror CM 5
USS Monadnock CM 9

USNS Keystone State T-ACS 1 c only
USNS Stalwart T-AGOS 1 c only
USNS Neptune T-ARC 2 c only
USNS Range Recoverer T- AGM 2
USNS Aeolus T-ARC 3 c only
USNS Longview T-AGM 3
USNS Vindicator T-AGOS 3 c only
USNS Niagara T-AFS 3 D
USNS Thor T-ARC 4 color only
USNS Wabash T-AOG 4 D
USNS Flickertail State T-ACS 5 c only
USNS Concord T-AFS 5
USNS San Diego T-AFS 6
USNS Persistent  T-AGOS 6 c only
USNS Albert J. Meyer T-ARC 6 c only
USNS Indomitable  T-AGOS 7 c only
USNS Zeus T-ARC 7 c only
USNS Lynch T-AGOR 7 c only
USNS Sirius T-AFS 8
USNS Prevail T-AGOS 8 c only
USNS Meteor T-AKR 9
USNS Spica T-AFS 9 D
USNS Saturn T-AFS 10 c only
USNS Invincible  T-AGOS 10 c only
USNS Vandenburg T-AGM 10 c only
USNS Mizar T-AGOR 11 c only
USNS  Bold T-AGOS 12 c only
USNS Worthy   T-AGOS 14 c only
USNS Capable T-AGOS 16 c only
USNS Hayes T-AGOR 16 c only
USNS Able T-AGOS 20 c only
USNS Redstone T-AGM 20 c only
USNS Effective T-AGOS 21 c only
USNS Bowditch T-AGS 21 c only
USNS Loyal T-AGOS 22
USNS Range Sentinal T-AGM 22 c only
USNS Moana Wave T-AGOR 22 c only
USNS Observation Is. T-AGM 23 c only
USNS Banner T-AKL 25 D
USNS Silas Bent T-AGS 26
USNS Kane T-AGS 27 c only
USNS Chauvenet T-AGS 29 c
USNS Harkness T-AGS 32
USNS Wilkes T-AGS 33 c only
USNS Shasta T -AE 33
USNS Mount Baker T-AE 34 c only
USNS Wyman T-AGS 34
USNS Kiska T-AE 35 D
USNS Bondia T-AF 42 D
USNS Tallulah T-AO 50 D
USNS Littlehales T-AGS 52 c only
USNS Marias T-AO 57`c only
USNS Rigel T-AF 58 c only
USNS Pathfinder T-AGS 60 c only
USNS Pecos T-AO 65 D
USNS Cache T-AO-67 D
USNS Peconic T-AOG 68 D
USNS Millicoma T-AO-73 D
USNS Tonti T-AOG 76 D
USNS Chepachet T-AO 78 D
USNS Cowanesque T-AO 79 D
USNS Escambia T-AO 80 D
USNS Kennebago T-AO-81 D
USNS Mascoma T-AO 83 D
USNS Sagitta T-AK 87 D
USNS Tamaipais T-AO 96 D
USNS Cohocton T-AO 101 D
USNS Gen. John Pope T-AP 110
USNS Mission Carmel T-AO 113 D
USNS Jonah E. Kelly T-APC 116
USNS  Gen. M.C. Meigs T-AP 116
USNS Gen. W.H. Gordon T-AP 117
USNS Mission Los Angeles T-AO 117 D
USNS Gen. Wm. Weigel T-AP 119
USNS Gen. D.I. Sultan T-AP 120
USNS Gen. E.D. Patrick T-AP 124
USNS Mission San Gabriel T-AO 124 D
USNS Gen. N.M. Walker T-AP 125
USNS Mission San Juan T-AO 126 D
USNS Gen. R.L. Howze T-AP 134
USNS Gen. W.M. Black T-AP 135
USNS Mission Soledad T-AO 136 D
USNS Gen. G.C. Norton T-AP 138
USNS Cedar Creek T-AO 138 D
USNS Sappa Creek T-AO 141 D
USNS Neosho T-AO 143 c only
USNS Mississinewa T-AO 144 c only
USNS Gen. W.F. Hase T-AP 146
USNS Truckee T-AO 147 c  only
USNS Gen. E.T. Collins T-AP 147
USNS Gen. M.L. Hershey T-AP 148
USNS Atakapa T-ATF 149 c only
USNS Gen. M.M. Patrick T-AP 150
USNS Shoshone T-AOT 151 C only
USNS W.C. Langfitt T-AP 151 D
USNS Yukon T-AOT 152 c only
USNS Gen. A.W. Brewster T-AP 155
USNS Gen. D.E. Aultman T-AP 156
USNS Mosopelea T-ATF 158 c only
USNS Gen. S. Heintzelman T-AP 159
USNS Kingsport T-AG 164 c
USNS Powhatan T-ATF 166 c only
USNS Catawba T-ATF 168 D
Powhatan tows Wisconsin BB-64 from Philly to Norfolk 10-17-96 c only
USNS Mohawk T-ATF 170 c only
USNS Mohawk  towing ex LPH 7 c only
USNS Apache T-ATF 172 c only
USNS Sealift Atlantic T-AOT 172 c only
USNS Sealift Mediterranean T-AOT 173 c only
USNS Sealift Antarctic T-AOT 176 c only
USNS James O'Hara T-AP 179
USNS D.C. Shanks T-AP 180
USNS F.C. Ainsworth T-AP 181
USNS Neches T-AO 183 c only
USNS Elden H. Johnson T-AP 184 D
USNS Henry J. Kaiser T-AO 187 c only
USNS Joshua Humphries T-AO 188 c only
USNS Herkimer T-AO 188 D
USNS John Lenthall T-AO 189 c only
USNS Lt. R.O. Beaudoin T-AP 189
USNS Pvt. Sadao S. Munamori T-AP 190
USNS Sgt. H.E. Woodford T-AP 191
USNS Marine Adder T-AP 193
USNS Walter S. Diehl T-AO 193 D
USNS Marine Lynx T-AP 194
USNS Vanguard T-AG 194 c only
USNS Leroy Grumman  T-AO 195 c only
USNS Marine Phoenix T-AP 195
USNS Kanawha T-AO 196 c only
USNS Pecos T-AO 197 D
USNS Big Horn T-AO 198 c only
USNS Marine Carp T-AP 199
USNS Pembina T-AKS 200
USNS Patuxent T-AO 201 c only
USNS Laramie T-AO 203 c only
USNS Pvt. Francis A. McGraw T-AK 241
USNS Sgt. Andrew Miller T-AK 242
USNS Arlo L. Olson T-AK 245 D
USNS Short Splice T-AK 249 D
USNS Pvt. Frank J. Petrarca T-AK 250 D
USNS Sgt Truman Kimbro T-AK 254
USNS Lt. James E. Robinson T-AK 274 D
USNS Pvt. Joseph Merrell T-AK 275
USNS Sgt. Jack J. Pendelton T-AK 276 D
USNS Northern Light T-AK 284 c only
USNS Vega T-AK 286 c only
USNS Algol T-AKR 287 c only
USNS Altair T-AKR 291 c only
USNS Capella T-AKR 293 c only
USNS Benavidez T-AKR 306 D
USNS Redbud T-AKL 398 D
USNS Admiral Calahan T-AKR 1001
(under tow) c only
USNS Cape Nome T-AK 1014 c only
USNS Richard L. Matthiesen T-AOT 1124 c only
USNS Cpl. Louis J. Hague,Jr. T-AK 3000 c only
USNS Pfc. Wm. B. Baugh T-AK 3001 c only
USNS Sgt. James Anderson, Jr. T-AK 3002 c only
USNS Ist Lt Alex Bonnyman T-AK 3003 c only
USNS Pvt. Harry Fisher T-AK 3004 c only
USNS Sgt. Matej Kocak T-AK 3005 c only
USNS PFC Eugene A. Obregon T-AK 3006 c only
USNS Maj. Steven W. Pless T-AK 3007 c only
USNS 2nd Lt John P. Bobo T-AK 3008 c only
USNS Pfc Dewayne T. Williams T-AK 3009 c only
USNS 1st Lt  Baldomero Lopaz T-AK 3010 c only
USNS 1st Lt Jack Lummus T-AK 3011 c only
USNS Sgt. Wm. R. Button T-AK 3012 c only
USNS Gy.Sgt. Fred W. Stockham T-AK 3017 c only
USNS Cape Ann T-AK 5009 c only
USNS Cape Mohican T-AK 5065 c only
USNS American Osprey T-AOT 5075 c only

USCGC Amethyst PYC-3
USCGC Escape WMEC-6 d
USCGC Polar Sea WAGB-11 c d
USCGC Thunderbolt WPG-12 c d
USCGC Healy WAGB-20 c d
USCGC Campbell WHEC-32
USCGC Ingham WHEC-35 c
USCGC Spencer WHEC-36
USCGC Taney WHEC-37 c
USCGC Alex Haley WMEC-39 c d
USCGC Winnebago WHEC-40
USCGC Chautauqua WHEC-41
USCGC Sebago WHEC-42
USCGC Iroquois WHEC-43
USCGC Washusett WHEC-44
USCGC Escanaba WHEC-64
USCGC Winona  WHEC-65
USCGC Klamath WHEC-66
USCGC Minnetonka WHEC-67
USCGC Androscoggin WHEC-68
USCGC Mendota WHEC-69
USCGC Pontchartrain WMEC-70
USCGC Mohican WYTM-73
USCGC Mahoning WYTM-91
USCGC Raritan WYTM-93
USCGC Katmai Bay WTGB-101 c d
USCGC Biscayne Bay WTGB-104 c only
USCGC Sturgeon Bay WTGB-109 c d
USCGC Perseus WPC-114
USCGC Active WPC-125
USCGC  Boutwell WPC-130
USCGC Marion WPC-145
USCGC Morris WPC-147
USCGC Reliance WPC-150
USCGC Chilulu WMEC-153 c
USCGC  Cherokee  WMEC-165c
USCGC Tamaroa WMEC-166c
USCGC  Acushnet WMEC-167c
USCGC Cobb WPG-181 D
USCGC Kukui WAK-186
USCGC Willow WLB-202 c d
USCGC Walnut WLB-205 c d
USCGC Lilac WAGL-227
USCGC Linden WAGL-228
USCGC Mistletoe WAGL-237
USCGC Narcissus WAGL-238
USCGC Palmetta WAGL-265
USCGC Cowslip WLB-277 c only
USCGC Staten Island WAGB-278
USCGC Eastwind WAGB-279
USCGC Southwind WAGB-280 c only
USCGC Westwind WAGB-281
USCGC Northwind WAGB-282 c
USCGC Burton Island WAGB-283
USCGC Edisto WAGB-284 c
USCGC Laurel WAGL-291
USCGC Evergreen WMEC-295 c only
USCGC Sorrell WMEC-296 c only
USCGC Ironwood WAGL-297 c
USCGC Conifer WAGL-301 c
USCGC Madrona WAGL-302 c
USCGC Mesquite WAGL-305
USCGC Buttonwood WAGL-306
USCGC PlaneTree WAGL-307
USCGC Sweetgum WAGL-309 c
USCGC Eagle WIX-327 c
USCGC Jonquil WAGL-330
USCGC Heather WAGL-331
USCGC Yamacraw YARC-333
USCGC Casco WAVP-370
USCGC Mackinac WAVP-371
USCGC Humboldt WAVP-372
USCGC Matagorda WAVP-373
USCGC Absecon WAVP-374 c
USCGC Chincotegue WAVP-375
USCGC Coos Bay WAVP-376
USCGC Rockaway WAVP-377
USCGC Half Moon WAVP-378
USCGC Unimak WAVP-379 c
USCGC Yakutat WAVP-380
USCGC Barataria WAVP-381
USCGC Bering Strait WAVP-382
USCGC Castle Rock WAVP-383
USCGC Cook Inlet WAVP-384
USCGC Dexter WAVP-385
USCGC McCulloch WAVP-386
USCGC Gresham WAVP-387 c
USCGC Basswood WAGL-388
USCGC Blackhaw WAGL-390
USCGC Blackthorn WAGL-391 c only
USCGC Bramble WAGL-392 c only
USCGC Firebush WAGL-393 c
USCGC Hornbeam WAGL-394 c
USCGC Mariposa WAGL-397
USCGC Sassafras WAGL-401 c only
USCGC Spar WAGL-403 c
USCGC Courier WTR-410 c
USCGC Falgout WDE-424
USCGC Lowe WDE-425
USCGC Finch WDE-428
USCGC Koiner WDE-431
USCGC Ida Lewis WLM-551 c d
USCGC Katherine Walker WLM-552 c d
USCGC Joshua Appleby WLM-556 c d
USCGC Anthony Petit WLM-558 c d
USCGC William Tate WLM-560 c d
USCGC Maria Bray WLM-562 c d
USCGC Reliance WMEC-615 c
USCGC Diligence WMEC-616 c
USCGC Vigilant WMEC-617 c
USCGC Active WMEC-618 c
USCGC Confidence WMEC-619 c
USCGC Resolute WMEC-620
USCGC Valiant WMEC-621c
USCGC Courageous WMEC-622c
USCGC Steadfast WMEC-623c
USCGC Dauntless WMEC-624c
USCGC Venturous WMEC-625c
USCGC Dependable WMEC-626c
USCGC Vigorous WMEC-627c
USCGC Durable WMEC-628c
USCGC Decisive WMEC-629c
USCGC Alert WMEC-630c
USCGC Red Wood WLM-685 c only
USCGC Red Beech WLM-686
USCGC Red Cedar WLM-688 c
USCGC Hamilton WHEC-715 c
USCGC Dallas WHEC-716c
USCGC Mellon WHEC-717
USCGC Chase WHEC-718c
USCGC Boutwell WHEC-719 c d
USCGC Sherman WHEC-720 c only
USCGC Gallatin WHEC-721 c
USCGC Morgenthau WHEC-722 c
USCGC Rush WHEC-723 c
USCGC Jarvis WHEC-725
USCGC Midgett WHEC-726
USCGC Tanager W-885
USCGC Lamar W-899
USCGC Bear WMEC-901 c only
USCGC Tampa WMEC-902 c only
USCGC Harriet Lane WMEC-903 c only
USCGC Northland WMEC-904 c only
USCGC Spencer WMEC-905 c only
USCGC Seneca WMEC-906 c only
USCGC Escanaba WMEC-907 c only
USCGC Cambell WMEC-909 c only
USCGC Forward WMEC-911 c only
USCGC Legare WMEC-912 c only
USCGC Monhegan WPB-1305 c d
USCGC Baranof WPB-1318 c d
USCGC Cuttyhunk WPB-1322 c d
USCGC Orcas  WPB-1327 c d
USGCG Wrangell WPB-1332 c d
USCGC Adak WPB-1333 c d
USCGC Kiska WPB-1336 c d
USCGC Grand Isle WPB-1338 c d
USCGC Jefferson Island WPB-1340 c d
USCGC Bainbridge Island WPB 1343 c d
USCGC Block Island WPB-1344 c d
USCGC Staten Island WPB-1345 c d
USCGC Roanoke Island WPB-1346 c d
USCGC Knight Island WPB-1348 c d
USCGC Line WYTL-65611 c d
USCGC Stingray WPB-87305 c d
USCGC Albacore WPB-87309 c d
USCGC Tarpon WPB-87310 c d
USCGC Cobia WPB-87311 c d
USCGC Kingfisher WPB-87322 c d
USCGC Pelican WPB-87327 c d
USCGC Narwhal WPB-87335 c d
USCGC Ibis WPB-87338 c d
USCGPB 95326
USCG (Tug?) 64312
Lightship Brenton
Lightship Relief

Surveyer (USC&GS 1930s)
NOAA SHIP Mt. Mitchell MSS 22
NOAA Ship Explorer CSS-28
NOAA Ship Whiting CSS-29c
NOAA SHIP Heck ASV-91 c only
NOAA Ship Discoverer R-102 c only
NOAA Ship Researcher R-103 c only
NOAA Ship Mt. Mitchell S-222 c
NOAA Ship Peirce S-328 c
NOAA Ship Whiting S-329 c
NOAA SHIP Oregon ll R-332 c only
NOAA SHIP Gordon Gunter R-336
(ex USNS Relentless T-AGOS 18)
NOAA SHIP Albatross lV R-342  c only
NOAA SHIP Chapman R-446 c only
NOAA SHIP Ferrell S-492 c
NOAA Ship Rude S-590 c
NOAA SHIP Heck  S-590 c only
NOAA Rude & Heck together c only

HMCS St. Laurent DDE-205
HMCS Saguenay DDE-206
HMCS Skeena DDE-207
HMCS Haida DDE-215
HMCS Huron DDE-216
HMCS Cayuga DDE-218
HMCS Athabaskan DDE-219
HMCS Algonquin DDE-224
HMCS Ottawa DDE-229  b&w & color
HMCS Margaree DDE-230 b&w & color
HMCS Fraser DDE-233
HMCS Assiniborne DDE-234 b&w & color
HMCS Gatineau DDE-236 b&w & color
HMCS St. Croix DDE-256
HMCS Restigouche DDE-257
HMCS Kootenay DDE-258
HMCS Terra Nova DDE-259
HMCS Columbia DDE-260
HMCS Mackenzie DDE-261
HMCS Saskatchewan DDE-262 b&w & color
HMCS Yukon DDE-263 b&w & color
HMCS Annapolis DDE-265
HMCS Nipigon DDE-266 b&w & color
HMCS Iroquois DDH-280 b&w & color
HMCS Huron DDH-281 color only
HMCS Athabaskan DDH-282 b&w & color
HMCS Algonquin DDH-283 color only
HMCS Beacon Hill FFE-303
HMCS St. Therese FFE-309
HMCS Stettler FFE-311
HMCS Sussexvale FFE-313
HMCS New Glasgow FFE-315
HMCS Halifax 330 color only
HMCS Toronto 333 color only
HMCS Protecteur AOR-509
HMCS Preserver AOR-510 b&w and color
HMCS Ontario CLB-3

Antonio Maceo F-302 ex USS Peoria PF-67

Devonshire D-02 c only
Eagle R-05
Illustrous R-06 c only
Ark Royal R-09 c only
Olympus S-12
Hermes R-12 c only
Kent D-12 c only
Osiris S-13
Leopard F-14
Otter S-15
Diomede F-16 c only
Antrim D-18  c only
Glamorgan D-19
Fife D-20
Bristol D-23 c only
Sheffeld C-24
Aruthusa F-38
Sirius F-40 c only
Matapan D-43 c only
Argonaut F-56 c only
Jupeter F-60
Bacchante F-69 c
Ariadne F-72 c only
Charybois F-75 c only
Plumleaf A-78 c only
Cherryleaf A-82 c only
Tidereach A-96 c only
Blake C-99 c only
Dido F-104
Brighton F-106 c only
London F-108
Leander F-109
Turbulent S-110
Falmouth F-113 c only
Berwilk F-115
Olmeda A-124 c
Mohawk F-l25 c
Plymouth F-126 c only
Rhyl F-129 c
Ambuscade F-172 c only
Arrow F-173 c only
Resurgent A-280 c only
Lyness A-339 c only
Stromness A-344 c only
Fort Austin A-386 c only
Resource A-480 c only
Regent A-486 c only
Shoulton M-1182
Sir Bedivere L3004

Gelso AMS-75
Alysse AMS-95
Mogue AMS-97
Bois Belleau A-97
Jacinthe AMS-115
Glycine AMS-119
Pivoine AMS-125
Cantho AMS-476
Narvik  AMS-512
Colmar AMS-514
DeGrasse C-610
DeGrasse D-612 c only
Kersaint D-622 c only
Dupetit Thouvars D-625
Chevalier Paul D-626
Vauquelin D-628 c only
Tartu D-636 c only
Georges Leygues D-640 c only
Le Gascon F-767 c
Le Lorrain F-768
Le Bearnais F-775 c only
Golo L-9008

Gorch Fock
Deutschland A-59 c only
Z-1 D-170 exUS DD-515
Z-2 D-171 exUS DD-500
Z-3 D-172 exUS DD-516
Z-4 D-178 exUS DD-571 c
Z-5 D-179 ex US DD-572 c
Z-6 D-180 exUS DD-570
Hamburg D-181
Schleswig-Holstein D-182 c only
Hessen D-184
Lutgens D-185 c
Molders D-186 c
Rommel D-187 c
Koln F-220
Emden F-221 c
Augsburg F-222 c only
Braunschweig F-225
UBoat "Deutschland" (1916)
Tromp F-801 c only
Von Speijk F-802 c only
Van Galen F-803 c only
Potvis S-804 c only
Van Nes F-805 c
Kortenaer F-807 c only
Holland D-808 c
Isaac Sweers F-814 c
Evertsen F-815 c only
Abraham Crijnssen F-816 c only
Rotterdam F-818 c only
Van Amstel F-831 c only
Poolster A-835 c only
Platano AMS-136
Vittorio Veneto C-550
Ardito  D-550 c only
Audace D-551 c only
San Giorcia D-562 c only

Dedalo PH01 ex US CVL26
Velasco L-11ex US LST 1156
Galicia TA31 ex US LSD 25
Churruca D-61 ex US DD711
Gravina D-62 ex US DD882
Mendez D-63 c only
Langara D-64 c only
Blas De Leso D-65 c only
Baleares  F-71 c only
Andalucia F-72 c only
Cataluna F-73 c only
Asturias F-74 c only
Vlla MSC-265
Tajo MSC-287
Odiel MSC-288

Corte Real F-334
Da Silva F-472
Gago Coutinho F-473 c
Magalhaes Correa F-474 c
Graciosa MSO-486
Corvo MSO-487

Sivrihisar P-115
F-254 ex US FF-1084
F-257 ex US FF 1079
Samsun M-257
Ismit D-342
Iskenderun D-343 ex US DD544
Icel D-344 ex US DD795
Gazianted D-344 ex US DD486
Gemlik D-347 ex US DD 487
Derya A-576 ex US AD17

Velos D-16 ex US DD 581
Trondheim D-305
Haakon V111 A-537

Moen N-82 c only
Peder Skram F-352

Babr D-7 ex US DD-777 c only
Palang D-9 ex US DD 780 c only
Kahnamuie F-28
Shahraz MSC-275
Shahrokh MSC-276

Muhafiz AMS-138

Safwa MSO-418

Ara Goyena ex US Dry Tortuga

Almirante Saldanha
Javari M-11
Soares Dutra G-22
Paraiba D-28

Felipe Larrazabal R11
Almirante Brion D-23

Antioquia DD-01 ex US DD 642
Caldas 02

O'Higgins CL-02 ex US CL-40

Presidente Alfaro

Uruguay ex US DE 166
Artigas DE-2 ex US DE 189

Guanajuato IC07
Vincente Guererro A-05 c only
Comodoro Manuel Azueta A-06 ex US DE 250 c only

Perth D-38
Hobart D-39  c
Brisbane D-41
Parramatta F-05

Tapi 5 c
Khirirat 6 c

Datu Kalantiaw D-76 ex US DE 170

Chi Lang11
Ngoc Hoi 12
HaHoi 13
Van Kiep 14

Ri Teluk LST 868

OK PO 55
SA Chon 59
Tae Jun D099 ex US DD 818 c only
Kum San MSC 522
Kyong K DD-923 ex US DD 883

Asagumu 115
Katori 3501 c only

CLB-501 c only
CCB-516 c only