James River Reserve Fleet

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The photos above show bow and stern views of a portion of the James River  Reserve Fleet, photographed on May 27 1994.  This grouping of 11 decommissioned warships is also seen in the photo at left.  The members of this group are as follows:
  • USS Coontz DDG-40
  • USS Conyngham DDG-17
  • USS Preble DDG-46
  • USS Dahlgren DDG-43
  • USS William L. Lawe DD-763
  • USS Barney DDG-6
  • USS Tattnall DDG-19
  • USS Dewey DDG-45
  • USS King DDG-41
  • USS Yarnell CG-17
  • USS Biddle CG-34
All photos Copyright Nobe Smith


USS Coontz through the years

USS Coontz (DLG-9) - Hampton Roads -  Nov 15 1974

USS Coontz (DDG-40) - Hampton Roads -  Dec 14 1976

USS Coontz (DDG-40) - Hampton Roads -  Mar 31 1982

USS Coontz (DDG-40) - James River Reserve Fleet - May 27 1994

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